10 Most Promising and Influential Young Entrepreneurs In Africa

It is without a doubt that the African continent is not only blessed with milk and honey but also with young entrepreneurs who can’t help but keep making waves in the entrepreneurial world. For this reason, 9jatoday will be publishing the list of 10 most promising and influential young entrepreneurs to watch out for in the future. But before moving further…

How long have you been surfing the internet for the list of influential and promising young African prospects in the business world? Do you need the names of the young minds who are taking the African entrepreneurial realm to the next level? Do you just say yes to the poised questions? If so, 9jatoday is here to help you solve all your worries – as always!

Essentially, the impact of African entrepreneurs in reshaping the business world positively can never be overemphasized and such contributions wouldn’t be fully acknowledged without the backing and support of the promising and influential young entrepreneurs who couldn’t help but keep moving the thread.

Thus, this article is offshore of what Forbes Africa used to publish; the Africa 30, an amazing list every emerging entrepreneur will want to feature in. However, it is very paramount to highlights the criteria used for picking the promising young entrepreneur in Africa.


The fact that the African young entrepreneurs are taking on difficult tasks and risks by building businesses in a bid to tackle the unemployment crisis is not enough to serve as the sole method or system of picking the promising African business owners of the future. Even, little or no regard is giving to their net worth.

So, therefore, the criteria used by Forbes in picking the promising young entrepreneurs in Africa include:

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Business Insights

The team in charge of picking the young and promising entrepreneurs in Africa do go for influential entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas and take into consideration their business location, size, struggles, potential, insight, and determination.


The panelist also takes their time to talk to the young entrepreneurs with a practicable entrepreneurial spirit in Africa so as to see the kind of business vision they have got for the Africa entrepreneurial realm.

Age Range

Another criterion used by Forbes in picking the African young entrepreneurs for the future is their age. The entrepreneur must be under 30 before he/she could make the list.

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Registered Entrepreneur

Also, another criterion is that the young mind must have a valid and legitimate business registered anywhere on the African continent.

Risk-taking ability

Before any entrepreneur could feature in the amazing list of the promising entrepreneur in Africa, he/she must own a business or business that has been in operation for over two years and such person must have – at a certain point in time – risked his own money.


In addition to the above-mentioned criteria, every young mind to have made the list of promising African young business owners to watch out for in the future must have had a story to tell and exemplary. Such a person must have something that makes him stand out amidst other nominees.

Essentially, this list is cut across different entrepreneurial sectors, and among them is the financial sector, fashion, manufacturing industry, real Estate, technological industry, media, green tech, and the likes. These top ten African young minds – though not limited to them alone –  are all representing the innovative and entrepreneurial generation to the best of their knowledge and capacity.

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Without any prejudice to rank or hierarchy, the following are the selected few among the young African entrepreneurs of the future who are eager to change Africa’s entrepreneurial world into a better place. Again, this list is compiled without any importance given to order or rank, hence, meet the remarkable young minds who are transforming and taking the African entrepreneurial realm into the next level.

  1. Name:- Temitope Ogunsemo

Country:- Nigeria

Age: 33

Business:- Krystal Digital

In no particular order, Temitope Ogunsemo is a Nigerian-born promising entrepreneur who founded Krystal Digital in 2010, an educational technology company that is making it real in the Nigeria tech industry. This Krystal Digital tech-based industry is regularly paying the salary of 150 employees and it’s generating over $3 million as annual revenues.

In addition, Krystal digital specializes in web creation, web development, and customized service deployment for oriented software applications in most of Nigerian schools and colleges.

Also, this African young entrepreneur technological business flagship service is the popular and highly sought web-based application, popular known MySkool Portal, a web created for educational institution Information Management System. It was built and designed in other to enhance proper documentation and storage of school information and data.

However, the web-based portal has over the few years – of it creation – adopted by over 50 Government-owned schools across Nigeria with more than 70,000 active users.

  1. Name:- Nthabiseng Mosia

Country:- South Africa

Business: Easy Solar

Nthabiseng Mosia is a promising and influential young business owner, a 27-year-old, and the co-founder of the CFO of Azimuth, a business venture in South Africa that is popularly known as Easy Solar. Easy Solar is a for-profit business enterprise with a clear social mission of making the clean energy price human-friendly in off-grid environs in West Africa. There are 40 agents and 35 employees who are on the payroll of the company.

Be that as it may, be,  the energy business finances and distributes quality solar-powered devices on a rent-to-own condition empowered by Pay-As-You-Go technology. That is to say, the business structure is supported by a reputable brand built on higher customer service to make sure solar energy reaches a large number of customers who reside in remote places.

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To wit, Easy Solar company has extended its tentacle beyond South Africa, at present, the solar company is having a branch in Sierra Leone, a country where more than half of its population live without enough or adequate electricity supplies. Easy Solar started its operations sometime in 2016, and ever since then it has generated electricity to close to 50,000 people there with several points of sales in 8 out of the 16 districts in Sierra Leone.

  1. Name:- Oluwatobi Ajayi

Country:- Nigeria

Business:- Jetvan (co-founder)

Another young and dazzling African entrepreneur who is making an impact in the business realm is Oluwatobi Ajayi. Ajayi is the CEO (and co-founder) of Jetvan Automobiles Limited, Nigeria largest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer and Sprinter. In a single calendar year, Jetvan sells over 600 vehicles. Incredible, isn’t it?

This young fellow began his entrepreneurial career at Mercedes-Benz Nigeria company where he served as the Commercial van division head at the tender age of 24. This gave him the opportunity to know the nook and cranny of venture creation.

As a result of Oluwatobi Ajayi’s vision and the zeal to take African entrepreneurial to the next level, he garnered a group of like-minded investors together in 2015 and founded the Jetvan Automobile limited.

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  1. Name:- Paul Kihiko

Country:- Kenya

Business:- Wing It Nairobi

Up next is Paul Kihiko, a 30-year-old businessman and the founder of the lovely ‘Wing It’ restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the first and to date, only Kenya’s wings-only Quick restaurant. It was first launched at the Galleria Shopping Mall and it has been a real success raking in 6-figures annually as a steady financial revenue.

A few years back, Wing It restaurant generated a whopping sum of $75,000 from two giant investors for some kind of minority stake in Dragons’ Den, Kenya’s edition. As an open-minded entrepreneur and a businessman with vision and set goals, Kihiko is determined to expand his restaurant territory to other places.

  1. Name:- Abubakar-Sadiq Mohammed Falalu

Country:- Nigeria

Business:- Falgates

Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed is a 27 year old Nigerian and the founding father of Falgates company, a business venture that plants and mills rice. Abubakar didn’t just make Forbes list of African 30 under 30 by just farming rice only. He is a brilliant entrepreneur with lots of vision and business insight. Findings show that the Falgates rice farming and milling factory generated $400,000 as revenue in 2017.

Falgates company has a very big rice plantation with more than 200 people working on his farm in Kaduna state, the northern part of Nigeria. Abubakar Sadiq also has an efficient rice milling facility that is capable of milling 15 tons of rice per day.

  1. Name:- Etop Ikpe

Country:- Nigeria

Business:- Cars45

Etop Ikpe is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of Cars45, one of Nigeria’s foremost automobile auctioning and buying services. Being a young and promising African entrepreneur, Ikpe has a versed experience in marketing and mobile communication technology.

In line with the above emphasis, Cars45 accumulated a whooping sum of $5 million in May 2017 from Series A round Frontier Cars Group. Essence, this young man was once the Konga ( one of the largest and highly patronize e-commerce platforms in Nigeria) Commercial Director and he has served as the Director and CEO of so many business establishments in his early entrepreneur career.

  1. Name:- Idris Sultan

Country:- Tanzania

Business:- Sultan By Foremen

Idris Sultan is no doubt one of the emerging African entrepreneurs to watch out for in the future. Idris Sultan is National of Tanzania, age 25. A business-oriented young man with a dazzling vision of keeping it cool in the African business empire. His business sojourn started when he walked away with $300,000 as of the winner of Big Brother Africa, 2014 edition.

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What a man worth emulating, he put the cash price into good use and founded his own business empire named ‘Sultan By Foremen’ where he sells various brands of footwear. The research revealed that Sultan By Foremen generated over $200,000 as revenue for 2017.

  1. Name:- Jean Bosco Nzeyimana

Country:- Rwandan

Business:- Habona Ltd

More so, Jean Bosco is another exceptional young innovator that is taking the African business empire to the world. Jean founded the Habona company, a business enterprise that provides a composed waste management services. Bosco has tried a lot in reshaping the African entrepreneurial realm through his God-own west management business.

Premise on the above, the Habana Ltd. company processes waste materials into environmentally friendly and affordable fuels like biomass briquettes. In a bid to extend its wing, the waste management company diversified into the operation of power plants like the waste to energy; biomass, climate-smart farming, etc.

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  1. Name:- Patricia Maule

Country:- Tanzania

Business:- Unique Favors

A Tanzania born Patricia Majule is another exceptional innovator and young entrepreneur who is moving the African entrepreneurial world to greater heights. Yes, she’s a lady like a man. Majule is a  24-year old businesswoman, she is the founder and director of Unique Favors TZ, a business venture that designs custom and locally manufactures party supplies across Tanzania.

Majule started running her design and manufacturing business sometimes in 2014 when she realized that most of her kinsmen were busy importing paper supplies from other parts of the world. What’s more, the Unique Favors TZ business enterprise has grown exponentially and has 10 employees under her payroll.

  1. Name:- Ricky Rapa Thompson

Country:- Uganda

Business:- SafeBoda


Ricky Rapa is a 29-year-old Ugandan promising entrepreneur of the African future. He is the co-founder of Uganda’s ‘Uber’ taxi service known as the SafeBoda. He has been pivotal to building and growing of Safeboda taxi service company into a larger community with nothing less than 1,000 riders.

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In the long run, it is very pertinent you note that the aforementioned names of promising young entrepreneurs to watch out for in Africa have also made it in a year or the other to the Forbes Africa ranking of the top 30 under 30 promising young future managers. Be informed that this list is compiled without giving attention or priority to net worth.


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