10 Powerful Sentences That Can Change Your Life


The power of the tongue has long been known and preached by many yet many are yet to make the best of it. Do you know that destructive words and sentences can ruin someone’s happiness and even one’s entire day. Fortunately, whatsoever that has bad application has an originally good application for which it was created so there are empowering sentence that gives the power and zeal to go on.

Below are 10 sentences that can empower you and change your life for the better.

* Failure in anything you do doesn’t mean you are a failure, it only means to sit up.

* Your background doesn’t mean to keep your back on the ground. Your background colours the future but you are the one to determine the colour.

* Being successful, isn’t just thinking successful, but acting successful.

* Life and death lie in the power of the tongue, they say, so is wealth and poverty lies in the power of the tongue. Be positive.

* Don’t allow your past to affect your future. Your future might be a savior to the world.

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* Life is full of ups and downs but choose to be at the top, no matter what happens.

* Don’t give up easily, cause you won’t give up what the world would need.

* Nothing is worth giving away your happiness for. Always be joyful and Happy.

* Don’t place a limit on yourself.

*Always know that you are the best in the world and be confident about it.

There you have it, simple but powerful sentences that can change your life simply by affirming them daily before you sleep and after you wake.

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9jatoday is aware that there are other powerful sentences that can move one to success, so feel free to share using the comment section below.


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