Reasons And How To Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude is a very good feeling.  It’s an appreciation for something. Have you done something for someone that you regarded as almost nothing?  And the person in question comes with so much joy and thanked you so much that you were overwhelmed and to an extent even embarrassed?  Imagine, such a person coming for any other favor or assistance from you. It will be a done deal. 

Compare that to someone else whom you did so much for and with high hopes you present that which you labored for to the person and at the end of it all the person did not show any sign of gratitude, in that case, would you want to do any other thing for such a person? 

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That is what this is all about.

In order to attract more of the good stuff you want in your life, you have to show proper gratitude for the earlier ones.  People always seem to do more for you when you show gratitude. Wake up every day and say thank you every step of the way, say thank you for the things accomplished, those unaccomplished and the ones that seem to be very challenging, say thank you for all of them.

Saying thank you is far beyond just uttering it with your mouth, it also involves feeling very grateful and making sure that whatever way you demonstrate your gratitude, it will not seem as if you are pulling a show. Be truthful to yourself and pour it all out.

Then you find yourself attracting more of that good stuff into your life. People who know the value of gratitude have it as their everyday attitude, because they always want more, besides who doesn’t want more. 


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