Air Peace Flights Time table and Schedule, Online Bookings, and Tickets in Nigeria

This article contains everything you need to know about Air Peace Flights including the Air Peace Flight timetable, online bookings, and even the tickets.

The airline; Air Peace which was established in 2013 is one of the youngest private airlines in Nigeria. The airline offers one of the cheapest and quick flights with good customer service and currently ranking amongst the top 10 best domestic airlines in Nigeria. Continue Reading to find out more about the Air Peace flight timetable and schedules, tickets, and bookings.

More About Air Peace

Air Peace is a popular private airline company established in 2013. Unlike the untrue rumor that it is owned by the former First Lady; Patience Jonathan. It’s owned by a business magnate and a billionaire; Allen Onyeama.

The airline offers domestic traveling extending to various states in Nigeria. It also offers International travel and charters to some Countries. Some of its international destinations include Dubai, Johannesburg, Atlanta, Mumbai, Accra, Freetown, Dakar, Banjul, Monrovia, and so on.

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Air Peace Traveling Destinations 

Apart from the International destination that Air Peace airline covers, it covers the following destination route majorly;

  • Lagos to Kano
  • Lagos to Abuja
  • Lagos to Benin City
  • Lagos to Enugu flight

It also covers the following cities including Calabar, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Owerri, Akure, Sokoto, Yola, Uyo, and Kaduna.

Note: If your destination is not listed here? Visit the Air Peace official website to fill in your details. If Air Peace covers your destination, it will bring the details for you. Click HERE to visit the Air Peace website.

For all the above destinations, you can choose the types of flights you want. Air peace offers a One-way trip, stop-over flights, return tickets, and even direct flights depending on your choice.

Air Peace Flight Timetable, Schedule, Price, and Tickets

Air Peace Airline offers one of the cheapest tickets for flights. The ticket fee isn’t fixed. The price of the tickets depends on 3 factors

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1. Day:

The Air Peace ticket fee varies depending on the time of your departure. The closer your departure day to the day you book your flight, the more costly it will be. The reason why we advised you to book days before your departure.

2. Time:

Air Peace airline also used the time to calculate your tickets fee plus it has some specific time it flies depending on your destination.

3. Class of service:

There are 3 types of classes. Each of the class ticket prices differs greatly. The Economy class is the cheapest with maximum baggage of 25kg allowed. Follow by Premium Economy and then the Business Class with maximum luggage of 40kg allowed.

Air Peace Flight Timetable

Daily number of flights From To Time
1 Abuja Ghana(Accra) 7 am
1 Asaba Abuja 9: 20 am
1 Abuja Asaba 11 am
1 Benin Abuja 12: 25 pm
1 Abuja Benin 10 am
1 Calabar Abuja 12: 40 am
1 Abuja Calabar 15: 10
1 Enugu Abuja 2: 00 and 2:50
1 Abuja Enugu 12: 30 and 15: 30

Note: the flight time may vary and changes from the above stipulated time depending on the situation. You are expected to verify your traveling details before proceeding to the airport.

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You can contact Air Peace Customer care by calling 070035924773223 or even visit their website by clicking HERE.

How To Book Air Peace Flight Booking Online

Air Peace online booking for flights is quite simple and easy, follow these steps to book your flight for your next trip.

1. Visit the Air peace office WEBSITE for Air Peace online booking.

2. Fill in your current location(where you will be traveling from).

3. Input your proposed destination(where you are going to).

4. Type in the type of tickets you will be going with whether business or economy.

5. Enter the date you will be traveling with the number of tickets you will like to book.

6. Click continue to take you to the page you will make payments for your tickets.

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You have just succeeded in booking a ticket. The next thing is for you to get prepared for the trip.


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