Alexis Rodman Biography and Net Worth [year]: Age, Family, Lifestyle, and Facts

There is a high probability that you know Dennis Rodman, the famous professional basketball player, and two of his children but not Alexis Rodman, his first daughter.

Alexis Rodman is Dennis Rodman’s first daughter who has kept her private life from the prying eyes of the media, unlike Dennis Rodman’s other children. The African American was born by Annie Bakes, Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife on September 28, 1988. This was long before she seeks divorce from their marriage.

Being the daughter of two popular celebrities, it is surprising how she can live her life privately. Continue reading Alexis Rodman’s biography to learn more about Dennis Rodman’s daughter.

Alexis Rodman Profile

Name: Alexis Rodman

Date of Birth: September 28, 1988

Nationality: American

Colour: Dark Brown

Marital status: Married (mother of 1)

Parent: Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman

Family Background and Early Life

On the 28th of September, 1988, Alexis Caitlin Rodman was born to Annie Bakes (mother) and Dennis Rodman (father). The African American celebrity daughter was given birth before her mother divorced Dennis Rodman, one of the talented and best basketball players then.

It happened that Annie had met Dennis in 1987 in a club in Los Angeles. After which they started dating and got married in 1991 in South Lakes.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last as they were separated in 1992. Alexis Rodman’s mother, Annie Bakes divorced Dennis citing the fact that he forced her to do different abortion for him. Also, she implied that the popular basketball player gave her STDs during their marriage.

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Meanwhile, Her parent separation does not go down well with Caitilin. As she blamed Annie, her mother for instituting divorce. The divorce makes her worse as she battled with anxiety and other behavioral issues as far back as 1997. She had to undergo a lot of counseling therapy.

Annie Bakes, Alexis Rodman’s mother later go-ahead to publish two books and become a celebrity author. She wrote ‘Worse Than He says He is; My Walk on the Wild Side with Dennis Rodman’ and White Girls Don’t Bounce’.

Alexis Rodman
Alexis Rodman

Dennis Rodman Children

After his marriage with Annie Bakes collapsed, Dennis Rodman has been with many women. This includes the NBA star known as Madonna, his second wife (Carren Electra), Michelle Moyer, and so on.

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Dennis Rodman married his second wife Carren Electra who is a model in Las Vegas in 1998. Unfortunately, the union ended a year later in 1999.

Also, he married for the 3rd time in May 2003 with Michelle Moyer. The union birth Dennis Rodman with two children named Dennis Junior and Trinity Rodman. The marriage also ended in 2012.

Unlike Alexis Rodman who has remained silent and kept her life away from the public, Dennis Rodman’s other children are quite vocal and active. Trinity Rodman like his father is involved in sports and currently building his career in soccer.

Alexis Rodman Personality and Lifestyle

As discussed earlier, Alexis Rodman is keeping away her private life away from the prying eyes of the public. Thus, there is little information about her.

Although she once suffered from some behavioral issues as a result of her parent’s divorce, she has overcome them. She has also grown to be a woman as she is currently married with a child named Vincent. Alexis Rodman gave birth in 2017 as the retired NBA star who is her father announced the information on his Twitter page during that period.

For people asking Where is Alexis Rodman now, since then there has been no information about the celebrity daughter. She is probably living her life happily and privately in the United States.

More on Alexis Rodman Biography

Many fans would have loved to follow Alexis Rodman, had she been she is active on social media. Her Instagram page is devoid of any posts and she isn’t active on any media sites.

Despite being the daughter of two celebrities, Alexis Caitilin Rodman is doing a good job keeping her private life away from the public.