Arewa Youths Accuse El-Rufai Of Fighting For VP In 2023

Kaduna Villagers to Buhari: Save Us

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai was accused by the president-general of the Arewa Youth Advisory Forum, Yerima Shettima, of working to become vice president in 2023.

Shettima condemned the governor for his declaration that the southern part of Nigeria should be allowed to produce the country’s next president.

9jatoday had previously reported that the governor of Kaduna state declared that the North had no justification for maintaining power at the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government in 2023.

Governor El-Rufai had declared that the South should produce President Buhari’s successor in the interests of equity and justice.

Shettima, in reacting to the statement, said the governor was only after his selfish interest and added that his comment was not in the interest of the North.

According to Shettima: “El-Rufai is just a governor and a mere politician who is ready to negotiate what he feels will represent his individual and personal interest”.

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“He’s probably saying that because he wants them to consider him vice president and God only knows the southern side he was referring to as he didn’t specify. But he may be saying this because he wants to be considered a running mate for anyone who wants to contest. “

He urged Nigerians not to take politicians’ words without due scrutiny.

Shettima added: “For us northerners, he remains governor, his decision does not reflect the interest of the North, even in Kaduna, he does not receive a third. His statement does not contain water and represents his personal interest.”

“You know that due to his character of despair, he is always ready to negotiate and that is why if a politician goes out to make a statement to examine him thoroughly, you will realize that it is in your personal interest.”

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He noted that the governor of Kaduna state is fighting for the post of vice president because he is not popular in the north, not even in Kaduna.

“He’s probably circulating behind the scenes now negotiating to be the country’s vice president, considering the fact that he may not be the popular candidate from the north. If the North produces presidential candidates, El-Rufai is not among the top ten we are considering. He has probably realized that his chances are small and slim, so he is always ready to negotiate and it seems that he is more accepted in one part of the country, so that he is willing to walk side by side with anyone from the south. “

“I can see his body language that whoever he thinks is going to work is completely doomed, so whoever thinks he will be considered vice president is just wasting time and what he says is not in the interest of northerners and can never be. . “

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“What you expect from a sunken boat that has lost the goodwill of his people cannot go for third term as governor; as a result, he is desperate to remain in political office, so he is always willing and ready to negotiate against the collective interest of his people, because he is desperate to occupy the political office of the vice president and, unfortunately, for him, he is not that popular, so anyone who considers him a vice president should know that he chooses a product that can’t be sold in the north. El-Rufai is a sinking ship that can only fall anywhere just to survive. “


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