Author: Tijani

Top Nigerian Bank CEOs (2021)

The Nigerian has witnessed positive and tremendous change despite having so many setbacks. Regardless of the changes, the banking sector has witnessed, they keep waxing stronger and better. This article centers on the Top Nigerian Bank CEOs that have influenced the banking sector through their ideas and guidance.  In this post, we’ll be explaining top

7 Bakeries in Anambra With Quality Bread

This article aims at explaining in detail the seven bakeries in Anambra that produce quality bread. Just like other businesses, different bakeries target different customers. Some bakeries may target low-income earners while others might target high-income earners. The quality of the beard determines the target audience.  Anambra is a very populous state with different cities.

Medical Laboratory Scientists Salary in Nigeria(2021)

In this article, we’ll discuss the medical laboratory Scientists salary in Nigeria. Also, we’ll explain how lucrative science and laboratory science is. Not only that, we’ll discuss the requirements for studying science laboratory science in Nigeria.  The medical Laboratory Scientists available in Nigeria are not enough to cater for the needs of Nigerians. Also, the

Top 10 Best Online Stores/Shops in Nigeria (2021)

There are various online stores or shops in Nigeria.  This article aims to explain the top 10 online stores and shops available in Nigeria. These online shops and stores are tested and trusted because they deliver on time and offer the best products and services. Best online Stores or Shops Jumia Nigeria Jumia is one

Top 10 Richest Men in Enugu State (2021)

This article centers on the top 10 richest men in Enugu State. Enugu State is situated in the eastern part of Nigeria. Most government parastatals in Nigeria have a regional headquarters in Enugu State. The state produces top entrepreneurs and professionals in different fields of endeavor. Also, the state produces big wigs from the political

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria (2021)

Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are very much better than they were some years back. Most Nigerians prefer imported medicines to Nigerian-made drugs due to the taxes, tough government policies and many other reasons. Recently, the situation has changed drastically because pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria have stepped up their games by producing quality drugs.  This article

How To Track AdSense Pin In Nigeria (2021)

This article is aimed at explaining the nitty-gritty of how to track Google AdSense Pin in Nigeria. It would help if you had an AdSense Pin to partner with Google and run their ads on your website. To verify the google AdSense Pin, site owners will enter the six-digit pin sent to their chosen address.