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Nigerian Banks USSD Codes: All Banks Codes

In search of your bank USSD Code? Here we have made a comprehensive list of all Nigerian Banks and their USSD codes for smooth banking transactions. We have previously written articles about some banks USSD Codes on this platform but we need to cover all Nigerian Banks to satisfy our readers with the right and

How to Open Business Bank Account in Nigeria

The issue of opening a Business Bank account in Nigeria, I thought to myself is a well-known topic that I overlooked not until recently, following the question asked, on our comment section on how to open a Corporate bank account for her business in Nigeria. If you have any questions on any topic, simply use

Largest Commercial Banks in Nigeria – Full List

Nigerian banks currently enjoy consolidation, mergers, and acquisition dividends. There is no doubt that this has made them much stronger and capable of staying competitive in the international community. Recently, 11 Nigerian Banks are rated among the top 50 banks in Africa, and here we’ve made available the full list of the largest commercial banks

Access Bank Ussd Codes and How To Use Them

What do I need Access Bank USSD Codes for? If you are an account holder or customer of Access Bank then you would want to explore and utilize Access Bank USSD codes for many things. Access Bank USSD codes are provided to customers for quick transactions and also for a subscription like browsing data purchase,

EcoBank Transfer Code: How to Register, and Transfer

Ecobank operates in 36 of the continent’s 53 countries, making it a truly pan-African institution. Having a multipurpose USSD code service like Ecobank’s is only appropriate for a bank with a wide range of products and services. Sending money, making payments, loading airtime, and so on are all made easier by the EcoBank Transfer Code.

Alternate Ways To Get Funding For Your Startup

Are you looking for Alternate Ways To Get Funding For Your Startup? How many starts up entrepreneurs have you met? how many told you they have had issues with actually launching their businesses because they can’t seem to get funding for it? A lot, right? Maybe you are even in the same shoes right now

How To Open And Verify Paypal Accounts in Nigeria

Opening a verified Paypal account in Nigeria seems to be one of the problems most internet marketers and other entrepreneurs face. This article aims to guide you on how to open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria and tricks you can use to receive money despite the restrictions on the Nigerian PayPal account. PayPal is