Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World

The best restaurants in the world have been officially revealed which takes into account the most prestigious guides as well as gastronomic magazines and customer opinions.

The best restaurants in the world do not have to be the choice of first-class personalities or be on the best avenues in the capitals of the world or hav2e very long menus. Quite the contrary: a good product, good service, and some characteristic that makes them unique end up turning them into a new paradise for food lovers.

It doesn’t even have to be the most expensive. There are very good restaurants in which you can enjoy a delicious and quality meal even for a lesser amount.

The source for the information comes from the world’s 50 best restaurants in the world, according to research conducted on the restaurants, we got to know that even a simple meal cost around $35 or more for a simple meal produced by chefs with worldwide prominence.

The question that persists in relation to the best restaurants, is the extent to which it would be spent so much to eat a meal that is different but with an expressive price.

In a special celebration, a simple meeting, or a moment for excellent tasting, these restaurants, rated and considered the best in the world, are the best places to discover and taste the delicious dishes that are produced by renowned chefs.

If you have been asking to know about the world’s best restaurants, we have provided you with an answer below.

Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World List

1. El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca - Best restaurant In the World

This is a Spanish restaurant that has been on the list of the best for eight years. The evolution of the establishment is due to the approach of the Roca family; the restaurant was opened in 1986, with brothers Josep, Joan, and Jordi. The detail is that Josep is a sommelier, Joan is a chef and Jordi is a pastry chef, specializing in pasta. The price of a meal in this restaurant varies between $60 to $75, and the wine list varies between $38 to $45.

2. Noma

NOMA Restaurant

It is a Danish restaurant, among the best establishments in the world, founded in 2004 with René Redzepi, chef of the place, and was once considered the best restaurant in the world. The place has a creative and up-to-date approach, and the menu is shocking, but Noma’s food seeks to reflect the culture and landscape of Denmark.

The tasting menu is priced at around $95, which is individual, and the wine menu is priced at $62. The restaurant, in a way, overturns the stigma that the best is the most luxurious. With a simple building, purposely in a rustic environment, seek to return to the living past of Denmark.

3. Osteria Francescana

Osteria Francescana - 10 best restaurants in the world

In this Italian establishment, there is a mix between tradition and modernity. Chef Massimo Bottura leads the restaurant with a traditional dish from Bota, but also with modern dishes, such as duck liver, Foie grains, which are decorated with herbs and chestnuts, as well as hare blood. The menu will cost up to $84, and the wine list will cost up to $98.

4. Mugaritz


This restaurant, among the 10 best restaurants in the world, is Spanish with chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, and there are dishes prepared and made with an interesting process, in a creative and detailed way. The average value is $108.

5. Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park

Daniel Humm is a chef and also general manager of Eleven Madison Park, one of the best in the world. Customers are served at this American establishment with the experience it involves. The ingredients are incredible and the cuisine is considered first class. The menu has a value of around $70.

6. D.O.M Restaurant

D.O.M Restaurant - Best restaurants in the world

This renowned restaurant is Brazilian, with chef Alex Atala, and declined from the fourth position to the sixth position, on the list of the previous year.

For customers, there is an exploration of traditional ingredients in Brazil, and the three types of tasting menu range from $44 to $70. Currently, it is necessary to make reservations months in advance to taste the DOM dishes.

7. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

The establishment, considered one of the best restaurants, was designed by Ashley Palmer-Watts, a British chef. This special restaurant recasts older recipes, for example, from the 14th century, using contemporary cooking techniques.

The menu has a value that can cost $40 and wine up to $220. As a differential, it is possible to be side by side with the chefs and cooks, separated only by glass.

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8. Arzak Restaurant

Arzak Restaurant

Chef Arzak is one of the most respected in Spain, Juan Mari Arzak, as well as his daughter Elena Arzak Espina, who provides an environment with local ingredients and also the culture of Spanish food, not to mention spices and herbs. The cost will vary between $65 and $75.

9. Steirereck Restaurant

Steirereck Restaurant

The establishment by an Austrian, and is among the best restaurants in the world. It has chef Heinz Reitbauer and is already highlighted today on the list of the best. Ingredients that are considered rare are used in the dishes. Still of support is the production of food from the farm of this chef and the cooperative. The cost is around $56.

10. Vendôme Restaurant

Vendôme Restaurant

The name of the restaurant is French, but in reality, the establishment is German with chef Joachim Wissler, breaking the tradition of Gallic dishes and introducing German recipes and ingredients. The price is set at around $85. The experience is worth checking out!