Melissa Mcknight Net Worth: Biography, Family, Career, Relationship, and Facts

Melissa Mcknight is one of the most famous and beautiful women in the United States. Being a model and an actress, she’s widely known and loved by many. She is a single mother of 3 from 2 different marriages. She is also popularly known as Matt Le Blanc Ex-wife. Melissa is also known as Missy Mcknight by fans.

Continue reading the biography of Melissa Mcknight to learn more about her past marriages and family background.

Melissa McKnight and her ex-husband Matt Le Blanc

Early Life and Family Background

The famous model was born in England on the 10th of March 1965. She was born by a couple; Father, Regis Mcknight, and mother, Nancy Mcknight. She is their only daughter as she has no siblings.

The family moved from England to the United States when she was still young. Hence, the reason for her dual citizenship(American and England). All her education was also completed in the USA but nothing is known about the school she attended.


Melissa Mcknight started her career as a model. She’s very beautiful with a good personality. So, venturing into modeling was quite easy. Between the 80s and 90s, Melissa has started making waves and she has a good standing as a model.

She was popular and has many fans. She worked with different top modeling agencies as well as magazines ranging from Vogue to Elle to Cosmopolitan.

Not until 2001, when Melissa Mcknight commenced her acting career in the film industry. She made her first debut with the movie “Triangles and Tribulations”. Melissa also gets an important role in TV series titled “VHI: All Access” which sparks a lot of positive reactions from the public. The 31st Annual People Choice Awards participation was also part of her career highlight.

Though she is famous, the 54-year-old beauty queen with her gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair became more famous after marrying Matt Le Blanc.

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Relationships and Family

In 1990, the beauty queen got married to Anthony Robert Esposito and gave birth to two children. A son who was named Tyler Esposito in 1991 and a daughter Jacqueline Esposito in 1995. Unfortunately, their union didn’t last as long as they get divorced in 1996.

Luck smile on Melissa Mcknight as she finds love again with a popular actor and TV host; Matt Le Blanc. They meet each other through a mutual friend and couple in 1997. They later got married in Hawaii and gave birth to a daughter named Marina Le Blanc in 2004.

Melissa Mcknight’s daughter however suffered from a Brain disorder “Cortical Dysplasia” which leads to a series of seizures. This results in a lot of burden on the couple and it started affecting their marriage.

Matt Le Blanc and His Daughter during her childhood

The daughter received treatment for a year before she became healthy but by this time, the marriage has suffered losses. Adding insults to the injury was Matt Le Blanc’s womanizing and chronic flirting behavior.

He started drinking heavily and keeping other women. Among those women is an actress whom he started dating which leads to their breakup finally. They got divorced in 2006, and since then the beauty queen has remained single taking care of her children. Despite the divorce, Matt Le Blanc and his ex-wife are currently taking care of their daughter together.

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Melissa Mcknight Net Worth

Where is Melissa Mcknight now? Even though she used to be popular as an actress and model, she is currently living a quiet life. She has also succeeded in keeping her life private. Melissa Mcknight’s net worth based on different reports is estimated to be $1 million.