Biography of Nnamdi Kanu – Net Worth, Activism and Facts About the IPOB leader


Here is the life history and biography of Nnamdi Kanu; the Supreme Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) group including his family background, education, controversies, and facts.

Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader and Biafra lord

Nnamdi Okunu Kanu who everyone knows as Nnamdi Kanu is a Supreme Leader of the IPOB  group, Director of London-based Biafra radio, a political activist, and an economist. He’s passionate about the separation of the Nigerian Eastern Region from the whole country. He believes Nigeria is better off apart, rather than a nation with different tribes.

Nnamdi Kanu is currently living abroad after escaping treason among other related charges he was charged with. Continue reading the biography of Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader and political activist lord to learn more about his family history and activism.

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Family Background and Education

Nnamdi Okunu Kanu was born on the 25th of September 1967 at Isiama Afara Ukwu in Umuhia, Abia State. He was given birth to by Eze Israel Okwu Kanu(father) and Ugoeze Nnenne Kanu(mother). Kanu whose age is currently 52 years old hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria and the 1st child of 5 children given birth to by his parent.

He attended Library Aremu Primary School before proceeding to a Government college in umuhia then to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Nnamdi couldn’t complete his university degree in Nsukka before he traveled out of Nigeria.

Political Activism

Another thing worthy of note in the biography of Nnamdi Kanu is his political activism. The fact that Kanu doesn’t have a job but focuses squarely on securing the IPOB release from Nigeria is surprising. Even though he is the director of Radio Biafra which is based in London and mainly aids the movement.


He has so much knowledge about the Igbo tribe with some of the war they have fought including Biafra. He praises the action of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s approach to Government(Passive resistant). He also encouraged followers to do the same.

Nnamdi Kanu gained so much popularity as a result of his activism and his alleged arrest on October 4, 2015. His news of the arrest was widespread and circulated by the media on the 18th of October. He was allegedly arrested in his hotel room at Golden Tulip Estate hotel in Ikeja by the Department of the State Security Services(DSS). He was later granted bail even though he was allegedly detained for 3 months instead.

During his court trial, he was charged to a magistrate court in Abuja on the count of terrorism, criminal conspiracy, intimidation, and membership in an illegal organization. He has many followers and protesters who fought for his release during the period.

He later disappeared and fled from his home in September 2017 after raiding his house by the Nigerian military men in which most of his members accused Buhari of being the master planner. There were a lot of speculations and rumors of his location until 2018 when he was seen in Videos and photographs of him in Israel. Since then, he has traveled and visited many nations except Nigeria.

Family and Relationship

Nnamdi Kanu with His Wife

Nnamdi Kanu is married to Nkechi Okunu Kanu who gave birth to a baby boy in January 2016.


Nnamdi Kanu is a controversial British Nigerian figure whose most actions and statements earned a lot of fame. He was seen in a viral video threatening the former President of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obasanjo, and asking members of his group to face him if anything happens to him.

He also attended a World Igbo Congress in Los Angeles where he said there is a need for Guns and bullet for self-defense for Igbos against Fulani attack. He also went viral once for saying 99.9% of Igbo girls are prostitute among many others.

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Net Worth

Another important part of the biography of Nnamdi Kanu is his net worth. His net worth is currently unavailable and will be updated once known.

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