Biography Of Taaooma and Networth, Facts About The Comedienne

In this article, you will learn more about the life history of one of the famous comedienne in Nigeria; the biography of Taaooma, her net worth and other interesting facts

Apaokagi Maryam Adedoyin who is popularly known by Fans as Taaooma is a famous Comedian, cinematographer and content creator. Taaooma who is currently 21 years of age is one of the fast growing comedians in Nigeria. Taaooma is also a graduate of Kwara State university in Ilorin.

Akpaogi Maryam Adedoyin(Taaooma); Nigerian Award-winning Comedienne, Content Creator and Cinematographer

Continue reading the biography of Taaooma to learn more interesting facts about the comedienne including her boyfriend, family background and awards won.

Early Life and Background

Apaokgi Maryam Adedoyin (Taaooma) is the last born of 5 children given birth to by Mr. Apaokagi and Mrs. Aishat Apaokagi. She was born on 27th of February in 1999, and currently 21 years of age.

Taaooma covering Her Head

She is from a Muslim family who lives in Ilorin, Kwara State. As a Muslim lady, Taaomaa is trained to shun nude dressing as such can be seen in all her video skits covering her head with Scarf.


Taaooma is a graduate of Kwara State University holding a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Traveling from the school. Even though she started her comedy career while still in school, she was able to balanced the two without one affecting each other.

She attended a secondary school in a Southern Africa country; Namibia(Concordia College). And that was after completing her primary school at Amazing Kids Private school and academy in the same country Namibia. The first primary school she attended was Dolastar Primary School in Ilorin until when her parents traveled to Namibia.

Taooma With Her NYSC Certificate After Passing Out

Like every other graduates, Taaooma observed her 1 year of national service and she passed out as Ogun State NYSC corper in July, 2020.

Taaooma Career

The core part of the biography of Taaomaa is her comedy career. Her comedy skits makes her popular and famous. Taaooma made her way into the entertainment industry with her hilarious and creative comedy skits starting as far back as 2015.

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Most of her comedy skits centred on the behavior of most African mothers. Highlighting their reaction towards their wards under different circumstances.

Surprisingly, Taaooma does not have any family members who is into such acts. She started her comedy career because of her boyfriend who is a video director. Abula as she fondly called him was the one who taught her how to shoot and edit videos even though she learns more on her own.

Her video didn’t go viral until 2016, when the skits attract a lot of followers making her popular. Since then she has been making relatable skits many African’s love.

Fortunately for her, she got paid handsomely for her skills after a musician paid her to do promotional adverts on her social media platforms. Since then she has promoted and advertised for many brands using her skits.

Recently, in 2020, on 23rd of March, she created a comedy skits as usual on COVID-19. This was aim to create awareness of the pandemic diseases. Fortunately, it goes viral, trending for days. She later spoke about the virus on Euronews also.

Taaooma is an award-winning comedian with a lot of fans and well-wishers. She has also collaborated with many top comedian including Mr. Macaroni, Yemi Elesho, African and many others. Taaooma also manage Greenade Company jointly with his boyfriend.

Personal Lifestyle

Another interesting part of the biography of Taaooma is her personal lifestyle. Greene Abdulazeez Oladimeji who is popularly known as Abula is currently Taaooma’s boyfriend. According to Taaooma, he was her motivation for starting her comedy career. Taaooma is single but in a serious relationship with Abula.

Taaooma with His Boyfriend; Abula

Awards and Recognition

Without mentioning Taaooma’s awards and recognition, the biography of Taaooma wont be completed. She is an award-winning comedian and has gained recognition from fans, top bodies and magazines. Below is her list of awards and recognition;

  • Top 25 under 30 Nigerian superstars
  • Best online comedian of the year award by Gage in 2019.

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Net Worth

Taaooma is one of the most sought after and top-paid comedian in Nigeria. A large percentage of her income comes from promotional Instagram videos, paid online campaigns and even her monetized youtube channel. Taaooma net worth is currently unverified but she’s speculated to worth millions of nairas.

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