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Full List of Air Force Bases In Nigeria 2022

There are about 20 Air Force Bases In Nigeria spreading across 17 different States.  The Nigerian air force(NAF) which was established 56 years ago as a branch of the Nigerian armed forces has about 15,000 active members. NAF has its headquarters in Abuja with President Buhari as the Commander-in-Chief and Marshal Sadique Abubakar as the

15 Most Popular Languages in Nigeria 2022

There are about 502 languages with over 15 popular languages in Nigeria which are widely spoken. Nigeria is a multi-faceted country when it comes to Languages, cultural beliefs, and heritage. Nigeria’s formal language is the English language; the British colonial masters’ language which was adopted by Nigerians. Due to the large number of languages spoken

Full List of Prisons in Nigeria (2022 Updated)

Prisons in Nigeria are spread across all the 36 states to ensure effective delivery of services by the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Correctional service. Are you curious about the number of Prisons in Nigeria and their location? This article contains the full list and types of Prisons in different states. Before we show

Top Largest Town and Cities in Osun State

Have you ever wondered what the biggest towns in Osun State are? The Yoruba state which is rich in culture and heritage has over 100 towns and communities. Today, we will be taking a look at the largest towns in Osun State using population, sophistication and landmass as a criteria. Brief History of Osun State

Top 10 Caves in Nigeria And Their Locations

The top 10 Caves in Nigeria And Their Locations are the subjects of this article. Nigeria is endowed with some of nature’s most beautiful sights that serve as a significant tourist and historical attractions. Caves, for example, functioned as early settlers’ shelters as well as wartime hideouts. Continue reading to learn about some of the