Chinedu Ikedieze Biography & Net Worth – Age, Career, Facts

Chinedu Ikedieze famously known as Aki in most of his movies is a Nollywood comic actor, his height, looks and character got him the attention needed to excel in the Nigerian movie industry and as a successful actor in Nollywood, it spurs us to write about Chinedu Ikedieze biography and his net worth.

The biography of Aki is one that most people are interested in ever since he started his career with Osita Iheme popularly known as Pawpaw, the duo got into the limelight after their first movie titled “Aki na Ukwa” a family comedy movie that got the attention of Nigerians and even other African countries.

A lot of us grow up watching the two wonderful talents put smiles on our faces, when talking of talent then Aki and Pawpaw are raw talents.

We all watch the two actors but much isn’t known about them, this particular article is centered on Chinedu Ikedieze and his net worth, family, career, awards, movies and other facts about him.

He is a veteran in the Nigerian movie industry and has been in the industry for over two decades with over 155 presence in movies both his personal movies, the ones acted with his friend Osita Iheme and other ones he featured in.

Chinedu has done well for himself which made him an A-list actor and one of the most sought for in Nollywood.

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Before we dive into the topic of the day let us run you through a piece of brief information about Chinedu Ikedieze.

Chinedu Ikedieze Profile

Full Name:Chinedu Ikedieze
Popular Name:Aki
Date of Birth:December 12, 1977
Place of Birth:Abia State, Nigeria
State of Origin:Abia State
Married to:Nneoma Nwaijah
Education: Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (IMT)
Net worth:$3.5million

Without further ado, let us give you an in-depth of how Chinedu Ikedieze became one of the best actors in Nigeria, sit back and enjoy this piece.

Early Life

Chinedu Ikedieze was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ikedieze Ogbonna on the 12th of December, 1977. He was born in Iluoma Nzeakoli, Bende, Abia State in the South Eastern region of Nigeria.

When growing up Chinedu Ikedieze wishes to be a medical doctor or a lawyer just as every other kid wanting a particular profession but ending up doing something totally different.

He actually started developing an interest in acting when he was in secondary school after joining a drama group and performing well in it, the love for acting grows and he decided to make a career from it.

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Chinedu Ikedieze had his basic primary education in Aba a popular city in Abia state where he was born, since he grew up in Abia State his education also takes place there.

After his primary education, Chinedu Ikedieze proceeded to Secondary school where he had both his junior secondary school education and senior secondary school education.

After being done with the secondary school and obtaining his first school leaving certificate Chinedu had his tertiary education at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (IMT) where he had his Higher National Diploma (HND) in Theatre Arts and then a degree in Mass Communication.

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As we mentioned earlier Chinedu Ikedieze started acting when he joined a drama group in secondary school, that was where his journey started but officially his acting career started in 1998 after appearing in a movie titled “Evil Men”, he acted a minor role.

After his education from the Institute of Management Technology (MIT) he started auditioning for movies and that was how he was selected and featured in Evil Men.

His way of interpreting his roles was top notch and this made the producers of the movie line him up for other movies which he handled professionally.

In 2002 the story of his life changed after he and Osita Iheme acted Aki na Ukwa, a movie which almost every Nigerian had a copy of back then.

Aki na Ukwa elevated him and then more movies were released, he and Osita Iheme has been the best duo combination ever and their movies became the favorite of both old and young even their movies are being recommended to those with high blood pressure. Isn’t that wonderful?

Chinedu Ikedieze has worked with a lot of prominent actors and actresses in Nigeria, worked with actors from almost every tribe of the country, he has also won a lot of awards.

How Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme Met

Aki and Pawpaw met and had a movie together in 2002 as they are both of little stature and both funny, they were mainly called “Aki and Paw Paw”.

Aki and Pawpaw on set

After the first movie they had there is this relationship chemistry between them which makes you think they are related, so if you have been asking the question “Is Aki and PawPaw related?” the answer is NO.

The Aki na Ukwa producer, Late Chukwuka Emelionwu aka Kasvid was the one who placed them on the podium of success and helped shape their life for a better future.

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Chinedu Ikedieze Wife & Family

The internet space got heated up when Chinedu Ikedieze pre-wedding photo started circulating. Many started having different thoughts of his size and if he will be able to handle his wife sexually.

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Chinedu Ikedieze Aki wife and child

Some were of the opinion that his wife married him because of his money and fame but that isn’t our own definition of love.

Chinedu Ikedieze is happily married to his heartthrob Nneoma Nwaijah who was a fashion designer in 2011.

Their union has been one of the best so far and the couple is blessed in 2012 with their first child, their marriage life was kept off social media.


The biography and net worth of Chinedu Ikedieze are possible due to his career in acting and his hard work and sleepless nights going from one location to the other.

If you want to make yourself happy and you are in search of the best comedy movies or movies acted by Chinedu Ikedieze then below are some of the movies he acted in.

  • Spanner with Nkem Owoh – (2002)
  • Okwu na uka with Osita Iheme and Patience Ozokwor – (2002)
  • Aka Gum with Osita Iheme – (2002)
  • Aki na Ukwa with Osita Iheme – (2002)
  • The Catechist with John Okafor – (2003)
  • Show Bobo: The American Boys Kizzito with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • The Tom and Jerry with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • School Dropouts with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • Pipiro with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage with Pete Edochie, Osita Iheme, Patience Ozokwor & Clem Ohameze – (2003)
  • Charge and Bail with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • Back from America with Rita Dominic – (2003)
  • Lagos Boys with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • Family Crisis – (2003)
  • ‘am in Love with Osita Iheme – (2003)
  • Akpu-Nku – (2003)
  • 2 Rats with Osita Iheme, Patience Ozokwor and Amaechi Muonagor – (2003)
  • Spanner Goes to Jail with Nkem Owoh – (2004)
  • Igbo Made – (2004)
  • Big Daddies with Osita Iheme – (2004)
  • Not by Height with Osita Iheme – (2004)
  • Across the Niger with Pete Edochie, Kanayo O. Kanayo & Ramsey Nouah – (2004)
  • Village Boys with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • Spoiler with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • Final World Cup with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • Colours of Emotion with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • Secret Adventure with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • I Think Twice with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • Reggae Boys with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • One Good Turn with Osita Iheme – (2005)
  • Young Masters with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Winning Your Love with Osita Iheme & Patience Ozokwor – (2006)
  • ‘U’ General with Osita Iheme & Patience Ozokwor – (2006)
  • Sweet Money with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Royal Messengers with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Magic Cap with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Jadon with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Brain Masters with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Brain Box with Kanayo O. Kanayo & Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Games Men Play with Chioma Chukwuka, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Ini Edo, Mike Ezuruonye & Jim Iyke – (2006)
  • Criminal Law with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Boys from Holland with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Last Challenge with Kanayo O. Kanayo & Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Kadura with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Blessed Son with Osita Iheme – (2006)
  • Escape to Destiny with Osita Iheme – (2007)
  • Thunder Storm with Osita Iheme – (2007)
  • Stubborn Flies with Osita Iheme – (2007)
  • Cain & Abel with Osita Iheme – (2007)
  • Spirit of a Prophet with Osita Iheme & Clem Ohameze – (2007)
  • Powerful Civilian with Osita Iheme – (2007)
  • Power as of Old with Osita Iheme & Clem Ohameze – (2007)
  • Marcus ‘D’ Millionaire 1 and 2 – (2008)
  • The Rain Makers 1 and 2 – (2009)
  • Loyal Enemies 1 and 2 – (2010)
  • Jack and Jill 1 and 2 – (2011)
  • IV The Meeting – (2012)
  • Village Rascals 1 to 4 – (2012)
  • Take the Spotlight – (2014)
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Aside from the regular movies, Aki is also among those starring the Television series titled “The Johnsons” as Efetobore Johnson, a TV series produced by Rogers Ofime.

Awards & Recognition of Chinedu Ikedieze

As a famous actor that knows his onions, Aki has received a lot of awards, and his shelf couldn’t contain it all, the biography and net worth of Chinedu Ikedieze wouldn’t have been complete, below are some of Aki’s awards.

  • Filmmakers Association of Nigeria (FAN) Award
  • In 2007, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Africa Movie Awards
  • In 2010 the former President of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Ebere Jonathan honored him as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • In 2018, he was honored as a Distinguished Visitor to the City of Miami, Florida by the Miami- Dade County office of the Mayor and the County Commissioners.

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Net Worth

The current net worth of Chinedu Ikedieze a.k.a. Aki is $3.5million, his income is attributed to the money gotten from movies he produced and those he starred and featured in.


A lot of people do look down on themselves and see this as an excuse then draw back in pursuing what they dream of becoming, Chinedu Ikedieze didn’t have this kind of thought.

He is a wise and smart actor and this has made him who he is today, his height and size is well utilized and he is an achiever which most upcoming actors look forward to.

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