Codes to Check your Glo Phone Number Easily


Here’s a full guide including the codes to check your Glo phone number easily.

There are many methods you can use to check your Glo number easily including using USSD code. Irrespective of whether you have lost your sim pack or not.

Glo is one of the best telecommunications companies in Nigeria with good customer services. Glo being themselves has created a lot of ways you can check your Glo phone number easily.

Below are the methods you can use including Code to check your Glo number in Nigeria.


“What is the code to check my Glo number” this is one of the questions asked by many Glo users. If you are among those, read on to find out. Take the following steps to check your Glo phone number using a USSD Codes.

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1. Ensure you have inserted your Glo sim card into your phone.

2. Use your phone dialer to dial *135*8#

3. Your phone number will be written boldly on your phone screen.

4. You can decide to write it down and save it also.

Mostly, after dialing the USSD code to check your Glo phone number, the network service provider, Glo will send you another message containing the number. You can go ahead to save or even memorize it after.

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Another simple way apart from using USSD code to check your Glo phone number is to flash, call, or text. You can call your neighbors, siblings, or spouse who you can easily get their phone to check your number. Your phone number will be there in their call logs. Go ahead to save it on your phone.


Apart from Using USSD code to check your Glo number, you can also get it by calling 1244. This is after you must have inserted your Glo sim inside your phone.

Dial 1244 to listen to the Glo system calling your number for you. You can take a pen to jot down the number.

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Or you can decide to call their customer care service(121) which normally takes a lot of time before the call was picked.

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If you have an internet-connected smartphone, you can also check your phone number by visiting the Glo website at

All you need is to visit the website and your phone number will be displayed at the top right of the page. Just memorize or jot it down to save on your phone.

NOTE: If after you used any of the above steps in checking your Glo phone number and it appears as +2348052222222. The +234 there is a Nigerian general code just replace it with 0 to give 08052222222.


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