10 Common Medical Tools and Their Functions

In this article, we will be discussing 10 common medical and doctors instruments with their functions.

Have you ever been to the hospital and you are amazed by the different tools used by the doctors and other medical teams? With different types of equipment and instrument used, one can conclude that the medical field is another world entirely.

But we are in the modern ages where knowledge of things like this is important and necessary. Even if you aren’t into a medical-related field, you should be able to identify some of the doctor’s instruments with their uses.

10 Common  Doctors Instruments With their Functions

1. Stethoscope


This is one of the common tools used by doctors and other medical teams. It serves as a professional symbol for both doctors and nurses alike.

The stethoscope is portable and can be carried along anywhere you are going. A stethoscope can be found in bags of cars of some medical personnel. It’s also hanged around the neck during their shift.

A stethoscope is used in listening to the sounds of different parts of the body including the abdomen, lung, liver, heart, and other organs. A stethoscope can also be used to check the Blood Pressure with Sphygmomanometer.

2. Sphygmomanometer

As said earlier, Sphygmomanometer is one of the doctor’s instruments used in checking blood pressure with a stethoscope.

A sphygmomanometer has a cuff that is used in wrapping up the patient’s arm. It’s this cuff that will be inflated to increase the pressure around the arm.

A stethoscope is then used to listen to the heart sound. Sphygmomanometer works with Mercury. The reason why BP is measured in mmHg. A sphygmomanometer can either be manual or digital. Mostly, the manual ones are used in the hospital while the digital ones are used at home. Some patients used the digital ones in maintaining their health. Digital Sphygmomanometer doesn’t need a Stethoscope and it always comes with batteries to power it.

3. Measuring Tape


Measuring tape isn’t used by fashion designers alone. It’s one of the medical tools used by doctors and other teams. The measuring tape is used when accuracy and precision are needed.

It’s used to measure the abdomen of a pregnant woman, the size of a baby’s head, and so on. It’s mostly used in antenatal clinics.

4. Thermometer


The thermometer is another medical and doctors instruments. It’s also called clinical or medical thermometer. It’s used to check the body temperature. It’s one of the Cardinal signs that shows something is wrong with your body system if it’s either too low or high.

The tip of the thermometer is inserted into your armpits(Axilla temperature) or mouth (oral temperature) or even rectum via the anus (anal temperature).

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5. Pen Torch


Isn’t this surprising? Pen torch as one of the doctors instruments? A pen torch is one of the medical and doctors instrument used in examining the eyes, mouth, and nose of the patient. Depending on the patient’s complaints, it used in the assessment.

6. Weighing Scale

This is another measuring tool used in hospital settings. It is used in determining the weight of the patient. Like the pen torch, it’s an essential assessment tool.

7. Infection Control Equipment

This equipment is also called Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). They are worn by doctors and other medical teams alike to prevent themselves from nosocomial (hospital) infection. It’s used when performing procedures and operative surgeries. The infection control equipment includes Gloves, Gown, Bonnets, face shields, Goggles, nose masks, boots, and so on.

8. Scapel


This another medical and doctors instrument. Scapel is used in cutting certain parts of the body or even make an incision. Scapel is a small knife with sharp edges and very light to hold.

9. Defibrillators

It’s one of the medical and doctors instruments used to provide restoration of the heart rhythm. It’s usually used to shock the heart with the aim of reviving it. The defibrillator is electrical, hence needs electricity to function.

You must have seen it being used in movies. It’s used in life-threatening conditions.

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10. Hospital Stretcher

It’s another widely used medical equipment in hospital settings. The stretcher is used in transporting patients from one department to another. It’s also used in emergency situations and for operative procedures.

With all the medical and doctors instruments listed above, you should be able to identify and know its function when next you come across it.




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