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Most Religious Countries In The World

What are the most religious countries in the world? While it may seem that the world is becoming less and less religious with each generation that passes in the age of globalization, statistics reveal that this may not actually be the case. According to the WIN / Gallup International Poll, the most cited study on

7 Things You Should Never Include on Your CV

Writing your CV for that job is like writing a letter that states a yes or no to that job, unfortunately, so many people keep stating no by themselves by adding any of these Things You Should Never Include on Your CV. Since the world had been stormed with unemployment. Graduates keep graduating and queueing

Top 10 Universities In Ghana (Latest Update)

Ghana is no doubt one of the most developed and stable countries in West Africa. Education-wise in Africa, Ghana can never be left out based on the current performance of her education system and students produced yearly. As it is, the majority of the best universities in Ghana are known to have affiliations with the

ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria

Many accounting graduates/students want to know the ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria. according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, a well-respected professional body that allows you to take professional examinations, the ICAN examination is very essential for students studying accounting because it helps prepare students for a career in that field. Also, students