God is Good Motors Price List 2021, Contacts, Terminals, and Online Bookings

God is Good motors price list in 2021 is quite fair, reasonable, and affordable for the quality of services rendered by the company.

GIGM.com which is rebranded from its previous name; God is Good motor is one of the best teamsport companies in terms of technology adaptation and services offered. To patronize GIGM.com, you need to know how to book with the company among other information. This article will expose you to all the information you need to book your next trip with the company including God is Good Motor Price List, their terminal locations, and contacts.

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More Information about GIGM.com

GIGM.com which is popularly referred to as God is Good Motors by many of its customers was established in 1998 by late Deacon Edun Ajaere with his wife, Mrs. Stella Ajaere. The company is currently being managed by their son who is in his thirties; Mr. Chidi Ajaere. The company which headquarters is in Edo state offers a lot of services including Charter, logistics, haulage, professional cabs, and pickups services as well as repairs and sales of spare parts.

With over 500 fleets of cards including Toyota Hiace, Prime buses, and Mercedes Benz, they ply the major cities in Nigeria and some countries in West Africa including Ghana. Traveling with GIGM.com is easy, safe, and stress-free as most of the buses are air-conditioned, integrated with Stereo and DVD, a comfortable chair which makes it more relaxing.

Booking online Tickets with GIGM.com

Like every other transport company in Nigeria, you can either book your tickets online or visit the nearest terminal to do that. But today, we will be focusing on how to book a ticket online with GIGM.com.

As said earlier, GIGM.com is a step ahead of other transport companies when it comes to technology. So the company has a mobile app where you can choose to book your tickets on or visit their website depending on your preference. Below is a guide on how to book your tickets for the next trip.

1. Visit the website by clicking HERE or the homepage on your app.
Note: You need to download the app on the playstore if you don’t have it.

2. Tap on the Book for a bus button

3. Choose the applicable traveling routes either a One-Way or return

4. Choose your departure and destination location

5. Select the number of people traveling. For example, if it is you only; select 1.

6. Search for the available buses after which you tap on the preferred seat option and bus.
Note: If you are using the app, you may be required to log in at this stage to get a 10% discount which you can also ignore.

7. Choose whether you want to get picked up or get to the terminal yourself.

8. Fill in your necessary details also including next of Kin, phone number, and the rest.

9. Insert your card details and proceed to pay for your tickets

10. Once it is successful, you will be sent an SMS or e-mail message with the ticket.

More information about GIGM.com Tickets

  • GIGM.com tickets are valid for 30 days and you can use it within those days.
  • No refund policy for already booked tickets
  • You will need to contact the customer care representative to reschedule your trip and you can’t do it online by yourself. Bear in mind it also attracts a fee of N1000.

GIGM.com Contacts

Below is the GIGM.com contacts you can use to reach the transport company across different platform

Phone Number; 08139851110, 08150846945
E-mail address: [email protected]
Social media Handles
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIGMobility
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gigm.co
Website: gigm.com/
You can also visit their Head Office at 202B Uselu Lagos road, near Ediaken market, Benin city in Edo state

God Is Good Motors Price List, 2021

Knowing how to book a ticket online is good but being informed of the price before doing so will be great. Below is the current God is Good Motors Price List.

Destination to DeparturePrice Range

Lagos to Delta (Warri)
₦5,450 - ₦8,150
Lagos to
₦10,050 - ₦11,550
Lagos to Kaduna₦8,400 - ₦10,250
Lagos to Akwa Ibom (Uyo)
₦8,000 - ₦8,950
Lagos to Imo (Owerri)
₦7,300 - ₦10,250
Lagos to Anambra (Awka)
₦8,000 - ₦8,250
Lagos to Enugu₦7,750 - ₦8,750
Lagos to Abia (Aba)
₦7,500 - ₦9,750
Lagos to Abia (Umuahia)
₦7,500 - ₦10,200
Lagos to Rivers (Port Harcourt)
₦8,000 - ₦9,250
Lagos to Edo (Auchi)
₦6,000 - ₦7,850
Abuja to Delta (Warri)

₦4,995 - ₦9,750
From Abuja to Anambra (Awka)₦5,445 - ₦9,450
Abuja to Rivers (Port Harcourt)₦6,300 – ₦7,200
Abuja to Enugu₦4,500 - ₦7,550
Abuja to Lagos₦6,300 - ₦10,750
Abuja to Delta(Asaba)₦5,400.00 – ₦8,850
Abuja to Imo (Owerri)₦5,400 - ₦9,850
Edo (Auchi) to
Lagos (Ajah)
₦5,250 - ₦6,550
Edo to Lagos (Iyana Ipaja)₦5,250 - ₦5,750
Edo to FCT Abuja (Utako)₦4,750 - ₦5,250
From Abia (Aba) to FCT Abuja (Utako)
₦3,900 - ₦4,400
From Abia (Aba) to Kaduna₦7,900
From Awka Ibom (Uyo) to
Lagos (Ajah)
Awka Ibom to FCT Abuja (Utako)₦5,450
From Bayelsa (Yenagoa) to
Lagos (Ajah)
Bayelsa to FCT Abuja (Utako)₦7,050
From Abia (Umuahia) to
Lagos (Iyana Ipaja)
₦6,850 - ₦8,150
Abia to Edo Benin (Akpakpava)₦7,500 - ₦8,200

God is Good Motors Terminals

Having talked about God is Good price list, below are the different terminals in Nigeria with their different locations.

God is Good Motors terminals in Lagos State

1. Ajah Terminal

Near Police station in Ajiwe Ajah
[email protected]

2. Lekki Terminal/Booking Centre

1, Wole Ariyo street off Admiralty way beside the first bank
[email protected]

3. Festac Terminal
Festac Gate Bus Stop
[email protected]

4. Ikotun Terminal
29, Ikotun Road, Opposite Ikotun LG, Ikotun Bus-Stop. Lagos State
[email protected]

5. Iyana-Ipaja Terminal
164, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Beside Diamond Bank, Lagos.
[email protected]

6. Jibowu Terminal
20 Ikorodu Express Road, Jibowu, Lagos
[email protected]

7. Old Ojo Terminal
Old Ojo Road, By the Police Station, Lagos
[email protected]

8. Volkswagen Terminal
Volkswagen Bus Stop
[email protected]

9. Yaba (Central Park) Terminal
Yaba Central Park, Opp. Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos
[email protected]

10. Cele Terminal
103 Okota Road, Cele. Lagos

God is Good Motors terminals in Edo State

1. Auchi Terminal
Auchi-Okene expressway, Auchi Poly.
[email protected]

2. Benin- Central Terminal
12 Akpakpava Road by First Junction in Benin City, Edo State08139851110
[email protected]

3. Benin-Head Office
202B Uselu Lagos Road, Near Ediaken Market, Benin City, Edo State
[email protected]

4. Ekpoma Office
Benin Auchi road, Ekpoma, Opposite grail center.
[email protected]

God is Good Motors terminals in Abuja State

1. UtakoTerminal
Plot 113, Utako District, FCT Abuja.
[email protected]

2. Maraba in Abuja
Keffi road, by Abacha road junction, via nyanya-mararaba.
[email protected]

3. Kubwa Terminal
Block 43, Gado Nasko Way, Kubwa, Abuja
[email protected]

4. Madalla-Zuba Terminal
Near Mobil Filling Station along Kaduna Express Road, Madalla-Zuba
[email protected]

God is Good Motors terminals in Delta State

1. AsabaTerminal
Onisha Expressway, by Head-Bridge
[email protected]

2. WarriTerminal
138, Effurun Sapele Road, By Airport Junction, Effurun, Delta State
[email protected]

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God is Good Motors terminals in Kaduna State

1. Kaduna Terminal
Lagos garage, Mando, Kaduna.
[email protected]

2. Kaduna South Terminal
No 1 bible society road, adjacent to 911 bakery (samrada) Romi new extension, Kaduna
[email protected]

God is Good Terminals in other States

1. Owerri in Imo State
31, Relief Road Junction, Off, Egbu Road, Owerri, Imo State
[email protected]

2. Jos in Plateau State
Angwan Soya Zaria Road bypass, Opposite Jankwanu Bingham University Teaching Hospital.
[email protected]

3. Port Harcourt Terminals in Rivers State
228 Aba Road By Bori Camp, Just after INEC Office, Port Harcourt, River State.
[email protected]

4. Uyo Terminal
3 Monsignor Akpan Avenue, Itam Industrial Layout, Opposite Timber Market, Itam
[email protected]

5. EnuguTerminal
7, Market Road, Opposite State Library, Holy Ghost Park, Ogui, Enugu State
[email protected]

6. AbiaTerminal
5, Asa Road, Aba
[email protected]

7. Umuahia New Central Park Terminal
Ohia, Enugu-Port Harcourt Express Way. Umuahia, Abia State.
[email protected]

8. BayelsaTerminal
Opposite Wema bank, Kpansia, Yenagoa

We hope you find our guide on God is Good Motors Price list in 2021 useful.


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