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10 Best Android Apps to Stream Live Sports for Free 

This article focuses on the Best Android Apps to Stream Live Sports for Free. Most people know about movie and anime streaming apps but few people know that streaming apps dedicated to sports exist. These apps don’t just exist, they are also available for free downloads.  Sports lovers always want to get the latest about

Difference between DSTV and GOTV

In a bid to explain the Difference between DSTV and GOTV, It’s important to note that the transmission method employed by DSTV and GOTv differs. Whereas the DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcast standard is used by GoTV, the satellite-based system used by DSTV is called DVB-T2. There are two major cable TV providers in Nigeria: DSTV

List of All GOTV Channel List, Packages & Prices

List of All GOTV Channel List, Packages & Prices. GOtv Nigeria is a pan-African broadcaster of family-friendly programming. This means that Multichoice, the same company that owns DStv, owns the company that owns Gotv. Although DSTV and GOtv have many similarities, the main distinction between the two is that DSTV relies on a satellite dish.

ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria

Many accounting graduates/students want to know the ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria. according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, a well-respected professional body that allows you to take professional examinations, the ICAN examination is very essential for students studying accounting because it helps prepare students for a career in that field. Also, students

How To Apply For Tax Identification Number(TIN)

In Nigeria, a Tax Identification Number(TIN) is compulsory for both individuals and organizations who are working and eligible to pay tax. Since Taxpaying is mandatory, you must know how to obtain your Tax Identification Number. Below is a guide on how to obtain your TIN according to laid down rules by Nigeria Joint Tax Board

Step By Step Guide to Fix Android Systemui Has Stopped Error

Android SystemUI is not responsive or Android, unfortunately, the process stop is not a rare error and is observed on all Android devices these days. The error usually pops up on your device while you are using it in a message on the Android-powered screen, unfortunately, the process has stopped. Android SystemUI Unresponsive error