How Lucrative Is Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

Fish farming is one of the agriculture business that is growing at a much faster and wider than any other kind of agriculture business. Nowadays fish farming is more preferred to poultry judging by the amount of fish farming business springing up. There is much more awareness about this business than ever before as many studies have been posted about the best way to take proper care of the fish farm, from the kind of feeds to proper water management and so on, all of which makes productivity profitable.

Most state governments have seen the profitability of fish farming as a source of revenue and employment, that some have developed lands for fish farming that they rent out at subsidizing amount. Now they are some reasons why you should go into fish farming:

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Large Market

1. Fish is one of the most consumed products in the country, thus it sells faster than you might not put much effort into selling your products, all you have to do is make them available.

High Nutrition Content

2. Fish is very nutritious as one of the major sources of protein. Fish is also rich in calcium, iron, potassium and other mineral elements. It is a very rich source of protein for children.

Short Maturation Period

3. Fish grows very fast due to recently improved technology, putting them into practice can give a healthy-sized fish in a matter of months. So in a few months, one can make profits from investments.

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Healthy For consumption

4. There is a fatty acid called Omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial to the human brain. It keeps the brain and heart health. This acid cannot be produced by the human body but it is found in fish, this fish is the main source of omega 3 fatty acid to the body.


5. Fish farming is very lucrative, as, in just a matter of months with proper maintenance of the fish farm and proper care, feeding of the fish, one can recover both capitals and make profits in a matter of four to five months. Now we have looked at benefits of fish farming, as beneficial as fish farming is, it also has its risk and shortcoming like any other business. Fish farming is very expensive to set up and its profits are periodical, so it might not be as an only source of income.

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Fish farming is a very technical business, any slight miscalculation in terms of proper feeding, sunlight, water management, etc, can bring about the degenerated growth of result to the death of the fishes and thus loss in investment. It is proper to carry out a diligent study of the business before venturing into the business as it is very profitable but with a lack of technical knowledge, one can lose his or her investment. Also, it is advisable to hire a consultant knowledgeable in this field when venturing into the business for the first time.

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