How To Get The Best Out Of Casual Sex

There are a lot of reasons why an individual may want to have a casual sex experience. Casual sex can encompass lots of things like a one night stand, friends with benefits sex. The point is, it is without commitment. Yes, it is possible to have sex without any commitments, that is if you know what you are doing. The fact that everything is ‘casual’ does not mean there are no etiquette or rules involved. Here are four ways to get the best out of a casexual experience.

 1. Be Inquisitive 

One of the greatest benefits of casual sex is that is it happens outside of the expectation constraints of a relationship. You are not trying to set a standard and impress your partner. So, consider casual sex as more or less “practice” for when it would really count. Where you may be shy about asking a significant other if a certain position or technique feels good, casual sex gives you the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn new skills. You get to try new things and receive feedback instantly.

2. Focus on Your Desire

Ever wanted to try out something new in the bedroom, but were too shy or embarrassed to ask your partner for it? Whatever your fantasy curiosity or desires, casual sex opens up the playbook, so that you do not have to feel self-conscious. Since it will most likely be a one-time partner or someone who has little involvement in your life outside an evening or so, you can be totally open without being afraid about word spreading.

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3. Know the Rules

  Make sure that both of you are on the same page as regards the commitment of the relationship. You will want to clear this up right away so as to avoid any hurt feelings down the line. There is nothing wrong with having sex just to meet your sexual desire, but you need to make sure that his/her expectations are just the same as yours. Do not develop a strong emotional attachment to the person if you do not intend to make it last. Do not want a casual fling to eventually lead to emotional complication.

 4. Let Go

Now is the time to go all out in the bedroom. If you want to relive the hardcore movie scenes, or role-play, or pretend you are somewhere in space with a Russian cosmonaut, casual sex is the sex for you. Live your wildest fantasies without facing any unwanted and negative repercussions. Be up-front honest with your partner, so your wild side does not come as too much of a surprise to them, and most of all, remember that casual sex is always a two-way game. Do not be a greedy ass in the bedroom. It is your job to make sure she is living her fantasy as well.


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