How To Join The Nigerian Army For University Graduates

How can I join the Nigerian Army? If this is your question as a graduate then you definitely would like to read this article meticulously. For some people, they believe it is best to serve their nation and remain patriotic by joining any of the military fore of the country.

By that doing, you have given your life to selflessly serve your nation and that is considered as a sacrifice where you have no option than to obey your duty calls both when you are satisfied with the call or not satisfied.

Nevertheless, this act is the highest service anyone can offer his/her nation and such a person will have to represent the country in matters related to national security.

In today’s article, we will shed more light on the proper way or channel to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate without stress.

For you to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate you certainly have to register through the Direct Short Service Course (DSSC) or the Short Service Combatant Course (SSC), both offer full 6 months of training programs that will enable you to be physically and psychologically fit before you are finally admitted as a Nigerian Soldier under the Nigerian Army.

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What Are The Requirements To Join The Nigerian Army As A Graduate?

To join the Nigerian Army as a graduate, these are the requirements needed to apply;

  1. You must be a Nigerian by Birth: You must be a Nigerian according to the constitution before you can think of applying for the Nigerian Army Recruitments, you must be born in Nigeria and from Nigerian parents.
  2. You must be between the age range stated: The standard age that has been used over time is 18-26, if you are within this age range then you are more than qualified, though sometimes based on the course you want to apply for it might be more than 26age.
  3. You must have the required height or more than: The required height is a minimum of 1.65 metres in height or more than for males and for females you 1.56 metres in height, so before applying to join the Nigerian Army you are expected to have checked your height.
  4. You should be physically fit: The Nigerian Army isn’t an institution for the weak or for the physically challenged, you must be whole and look smart to join the Nigerian Army and you must not have any health-related issues.
  5. You must have a crime-free record: You must have a clean slate, there should be no record with the police and you shouldn’t be the person that has served a jail term, so no criminal record of any sort.
  6. You are expected to attend the screening exercise: I don’t need to tell you this but I will, you do not want to miss the screening exercise because this is a must and will be conducted in the zonal center of your region on a given date, but in case you don’t have one in your state then you are expected to go to any state closer to you.
  7. Sit for your entrance exams: Finally, you have to write your exams and complete your registration by submitting every document requested for at the venue of the exam.

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What Are The Documents Needed For Nigerian Army Application?

After rigorous screening and you are satisfied to have met all requirements above, then the next step is your documents. Nothing much with this, just tender few documents that everybody needs to have as a citizen with your educational certificates, the documents needed are;

  • Academic qualification certificate. Since you are applying as a graduate, you need to tender every documentation that proves that you are a certified graduate, so all photocopies of your WAEC, NECO, SCE, SSCE, University Degree and in addition your professional courses certificates. In addition, you must include a transcript from your university.
  • Birth certificate. you need to provide a photocopy of your birth certificate. Mind you, this will be used to verify and affirm that you fall within the required age limit. In case you don’t have your birth certificate yet then you need to provide an affidavit of age declaration “declaration of age”.
  • Documentation from the court or police with a confirmation that you have not been convicted of any crime either minor or major.
  • A letter of identification signed by the identifying officer in “Section F” of the form, you need to print out this form from the Nigerian Army Online Application Portal.

How To Apply For Nigerian Army Recruitment Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Nigerian Army recruitment portal which is

Step 2: Fill the online form by choosing your desired username and password.

Step 3: When done registering, proceed to login with your username and password provided earlier.

Step 4: Carefully fill the online application form with all necessary details in the provided fields and submit your Nigerian army application. Immediately after submission, you are expected to print out the filled form.

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Tips To Help You Succeed In Your Nigerian Army Screening Excercise

No doubt the most essential aspect of this all is the screening exercise, do not be afraid, I will share with you all you need to get fully prepared for the Nigerian Army screening exercise, this will give you an upper hand over others and help you scale through.

  • Get Prepare ahead of the screening examination

Once done with the registration, like every other examination you are expected to prepare yourself with both quantitative and verbal aptitude tests, read some general knowledge and current affairs, also get updated on the exact date of examination with your venue.

The harder you get yourself prepared for the exam the better your chances of passing and getting admitted into the Nigerian Army, in case the venue of your exam is far then you have to travel to the place two days or a day to the exam date because late comers won’t stand the chance of writing the exam.

  • Look smart and well-composed

Just as if you are going for a job interview, you are expected to look smart and be well composed, do not fidget, be calm and relaxed before the exam, during the exam and after you are done with the exam. Meticulously follow all the instructions given to you and also make sure your well-collated documents are with you.

  • Await the results

Don’t be left behind, make sure you check the recruitment portal daily for your result.