How To Start A Profitable Bitter Leaf Farming Business

Bitter Leaf farming business, another lucrative agricultural business, and there is nothing like agriculture and agricultural business. There are numerous business ideas in the agricultural sector and irrespective, they all have high earning potential and a huge profit.
It’s time we give a second thought to Agriculture and shun white-collar jobs. Seriously, why labor 6-6 enriching another man’s pocket and end up being paid just less than 10% of your effort; It’s time we shun sitting in air-conditioned offices and speak grammar which at the end of the add nothing to your financial worth.

Forget about your certificate for a moment, let’s talk and do agriculture besides of what value is that certificate and profession if it only makes you a modern slave if someone with no certificate can make 100 times of your monthly earning through agricultural business.

There are lots of lucrative agricultural businesses and such lucrative agricultural businesses to start is bitter leave farming business.

Bitter Leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) is a household foodstuff consumed in all Nigerian homes and by all Nigerians both at home and abroad. Bitter Leaf is used in preparing varieties of foods, soups, local dishes, and continental delicacies. Bitter leaf is also used by local traditional herbal and medical centers. The standard pharmacy also uses bitter leaf extracts in the production of drugs.
This assures demand and guarantees a huge market for bitter leaves due to their nutritional and medicinal values. The demand for a bitter leaf is also global as it’s exported to other countries as well.
Now, let’s see how to start a bitter leaf farming business and make money through it.

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Get a Land

Firstly to start off, you need to get land. You can buy one, or easily lease one for a fee as little as nothing. If you are in Nigeria you can visit the river basin development authority in your state to lease land for a token yearly.

Prepare the Land and Start Planting

Preparation of land involves clearing and making ridges or mounds. After preparation of the land commence with planting on the ridges. Please note: propagation of bitter leaves is by the stem.

Weed and Look After the Farm

It takes 3 to 4 months for bitter leaves to reach maturity and blown fully for harvest. Before and within this period of time, weed off every plant but bitter leaf found on the farmland. Doing this helps increase productivity as it eliminates competition between bitter leaves and weeds.

Harvest and Sell

After 3-4 months, your bitter leaves are due for harvest. Harvest and sell products both to the local market and international markets and make huge profits.
Bitter leaf farming business requires little or no specialization, has less disease attack rate, requires no much work nor replanting every season but yet is fully productive, and has high earning potential. If you have the time then you should consider starting up this business.

Over to you. Tell us what you think of this business.

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