How To Start An Ostrich Farming In Nigeria

One of the most lucrative and profitable areas of the Agricultural sector is livestock farming. And of course, Ostrich farming is one of the few areas that are yet to be saturated.

Interestingly, this Ostrich farming is a very lucrative business here in Nigeria just that it takes only a few to know and understand.

While you may be surprised as to how possible is it for the Ostrich business to be lucrative when the bird is not that known everywhere.

The truth is, it is lucrative you just don’t see how lucrative the Ostrich farming is. Without further delay, you may want to consider the following steps.

Full Guide On How To Start Ostrich Farming Business In Nigeria

Step 1: Secure Land

First thing first, after all, you cannot start the Ostrich farming in a vacuum, and as such you’ll have to secure a piece of land.

Thus, it is advisable you locate the farmland in a rural area and make sure it’s well fenced.

Ideally, you should ensure that the farmland is large enough for the Ostriches to be able to play and run inside it.

This is so important because they need to maintain their body and remain healthy. Plus, build a nice shelter on the farmland so as to protect the birds from harsh weather.

Step 2: Employee Workers

After you must have secured farmland, then you need to employ one or two workers to be taking care of them if you are too busy to do it.

Remember, Ostrich farming needs proper attention and as such, someone who will be monitoring their affairs has to be with them always.

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Step 3: Define Your Niche

There are varieties of ostriches available for rearing and as such, it is very ideal you select which one you will be rearing.

You can define your niche by choosing whether to rear the blue neck or the red neck and/or the Africa black ostrich.

Each of these cultivars has its individual peculiarities. Hence, do your assignment on them all and pick the one that you feel can deliver you your need.

Step 4: Get and Manage Your Ostriches

After you must have decided on which variety to rear, now is the time to get them available on your farm and start managing them.

You’ll need to be supplying them with sufficient food and water. Be enlightened that ostriches are capable of drinking numerous gallons of water in just a day.

So make sure that they are being fed with clean and healthy water every now and then. Feed them with their main formulated succulents.

On the alternative, you can grow grasses and crops for them to be feeding on in other to reduce feeding expenses.

Step 5: Marketing Your Business

After your Ostrich farming is ready and up and running, you don’t necessarily need to wait for them to be delivering you your desired products before you start marketing them.

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Time waits for no one. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about your new ostrich farming. This will keep them in touch with you until the ostrich products are ready.

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