How To Stay Happy As Nigerian Citizen

stay happy

Like the old cliche life is not a bed of rose’s and so is not a bed of thorns. Life has an average Nigerian Citizen can be tough and difficult sometimes. thus making it hard to stay happy as a Nigerian citizen a hard nut to crack.

Many Nigerians have different goals they are trying to pursue and the end result is that they virtually all want to be happy.

A lot of people spend most of their time making money believing that the money made will make them stay happy forever, or will protect them against anything that’ll make them unhappy.

Most Nigerian strive hard for a perfect relationship, beautiful body, amazing houses, a good car, and all sorts, all just for them to stay happy. While some of these desires were achieved, they still realize that they are still not happy.

Without much delay, the following advice – if stick to – will help you to maintain the kind of life you’ve always wanted and stay happy.

  1. Be Contented

If you’re satisfied with your lifestyle and the little you have, you stand the chance to be happy forever. If you have friends, health, money, living conditions, you should be satisfied with them. These are things that are akin to natural happiness.

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Not limited to that, if you can get yourself involve in community participation you’ll have a sense of meaning and it’ll impact your happiness in life.

  1. See Every Situation as a Challenge

You can only cultivate happiness if you really want to be happy. You can’t buy happiness, but as an optimist, you can bring in things that’ll make your life happy.

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Happy people are usually contented and they’re a firm believer that the masters of their own fate, and not victims of any circumstance.

The moment you begin to see your life stressors as a challenge instead of a threat, then you’ll start to see effective solutions to be happy and rather than being drained, you’ll feel more exhilarated.

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  1. Maintain a Standard Goal

As has been said about many Nigerians who are of the firm believe that running after their goals will keep them happy, but little do they know that happiness isn’t the end product.

Many people are out there who prioritize their goals than their personal lives. Truly they’re successful but still unhappy.

You may be surrounded by houses, beautiful cars, designers and all sorts of worldly things because they are the goals you pursued and achieved. But why don’t you know to pursue the goals that’ll bring you personal happiness?

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Do you even know if such a goal actually exists?

  1. Drop the Feeling of Defeat

Inquest for having a fulfilling life and staying happy forever, you may set some standard goals as part of improving your life, many people gave up on themselves right from the beginning.

The reason is that most people expect themselves to change their life and habits within nanoseconds; and as such, any slip-ups along the line will be tagged as ‘failures’.

This usually contributes to the early abandonment of their set goals and they will put on the feelings of defeat.

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In conclusion, staying happy is not a myth; it is real and it can be cultivated by staying true to the aforesaid gateways.


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