How to Stop Cell Phone Addiction Successfully

Are you battling with cell phone addiction like the majority of the population of the world? if yes, continue reading as you will learn how to Stop Cell Phone Addiction.

Technology has so improved over the past years that it had become so imbibed in every aspect of human life. We use technology on an everyday basis from cooking to banking and so much more.

The mobile phone is another aspect of technology that has developed so fast that it has also been part of human activities that one wonders how we had lived without it. We use our mobile phone for so many things, from communicating to entertaining; listening to music and watching a movie, sending documents, reading news, socializing and many more. These have made many people so dependent on their mobile devices than they spend many hours on the day on their phones.

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Studies have shown that most people especially people below the age of 30 years spend close to 10 – 20 hours on their mobile phones and these had adverse effects on their social life. Some firms have placed restrictions on the use of the mobile phone during office hours as it seems to distract workers and make them less productive.

The advancement in mobile technology has made life easier but so much time spent on a mobile phone has an adverse effect on not only social life but also reduces productivity in the workplace and in some cases might not be good health-wise.

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Below are some steps to How to Stop Cell Phone Addiction:

  1. People that find themselves too attached to their mobile phone should go out more and make more time to visit. Most times people tend to be attached to their phones out of boredom and overtime it becomes a habit. In order to correct this, one has to consciously go out more to visit, make a habit of taking any chance to go out and mix up with people as this will reduce the time spent on the mobile phone.
  1. Another step to take is to try and reduce the amount spent on the phone is to reduce friends you have online. Too many friends on social media tend to make you spend more time on your phone in order to meet up with what is happening. Also, try not to add people you do not know in order not to increase the numbers of your friends.
  1. With the improvement in mobile phones, many people do keep up with news, friends, and family online and even run a business online. It will help to create a schedule to check your online activities and this will help in checking the time you spend online and give you time to get engage in other activities.
  2. Another way to reduce the time you spend using your mobile phone is to read books, try reading a book and if possible read paperback and not on your mobile devices or computers.
  1. Another way is to follow a strict daily plan, plan your daily activities and stick to them.
  1. It is advisable to get engaged in activities, get engaged in community service, get involved in church activities and related with people in your workplace and socialize and this will keep you away from your mobile devices and thus reducing time spent on them.


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