I Can’t Even Feel My Toes – Says Pogba From Hospital Bed


French professional footballer who plays for Premier League side Manchester United and French national team, Paul Pogba has speak from the hospital bed.

The 26-year-old injured Pogba has taken to social media to let fans know about his state of health after following an ankle injury he had some months ago.

Pogba, who is just healing up from an ankle surgery speaks out on his Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, saying, “I don’t even know if I’m high or sober, well I don’t look sober.”

“You see my ankle like that, I can’t even feel my toes, but I’m still alive, that’s good news. I’ll keep you updated.”

“I’ve still got the smile’. He said.

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Pogba joking reacting to the two pieces of bread close to him said: “It’s one thing I don’t understand, what do you want me to do with this?”

“I can drink my pee pee, it looks like apple juice, fresh one. I think people told me that I look drunk. I didn’t drink alcohol, they give me some things on my arm, I don’t know what’s that.

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“I woke up, I couldn’t lift up my leg and I was like ‘where am I, in Manchester? In Paris? In Guinea?” reacting funny.


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