Full List of Political Parties In Nigeria ([year]) and Their Slogan

Political Parties In Nigeria

Political parties in Nigeria are coalitions or groups of politicians of similar views and ideologies who contribute to the betterment of any candidate they put forward. Political parties were adopted to promote healthy competition amongst politicians and offer opposition to the ruling political party. These political parties hold primary elections where they vote for their … Read more

Best Relaxer for Stubborn Hair in Nigeria

Relaxer for Stubborn Hair in Nigeria

Wondering which is the best relaxer for stubborn hair in Nigeria currently? if yes, then look no further. Many Nigerian women struggle with hair care and this is even intensified if the hair is in its natural form. While natural hair is fabulous in theory, not many women have the time and money necessary for … Read more

Full List of Cars Accepted by Bolt in Nigeria

Cars Accepted by Bolt in Nigeria

It is common knowledge that due to the current economic situation in Nigeria, more and more people are seeking various ways to find secondary employment and earn more money using tools around them (e.g. their cars). Well if you have a working vehicle look no further. Many individuals with a working car have a new … Read more

Top 10 Richest Cities in Africa

Richest Cities in Africa

Africa as a continent and a race of dark-skinned people has been regarded as home to some of the underdeveloped and poorest cities in the world. However, in recent decades, Africa as a continent and as a race has started making great strides in developing and improving the continent as a whole in terms of … Read more

Full List Of Zoos in Nigeria and Their Locations

Full List Of Zoos in Nigeria and Their Locations

The zoo which is the abbreviation of zoological gardens are locations where animals are kept in enclosed spaces to be displayed to the public. These animals may also be bred and some zoos serve as reserves and sanctuary facilities for endangered species. Nigeria has over fifteen (15) zoos scattered across the country ranging from private … Read more