Journalist Just Returned From Europe, Says Nigeria handling Coronavirus Better


Chuks Nwanne is a Guardian journalist. In the following paragraphs, he says that Nigeria is dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that currently plagues the planet differently.

His piece is reproduced below:

“When Nigeria’s Minister of Health says the country is ready to fight the coronavirus, it’s not a joke. In fact, Nigeria is ready. If there’s any place I’m afraid of, it’s not Nigeria, nor China, who is still fighting the virus; I fear for Europe.

“I left Berlin, Germany, yesterday, made a stopover at the Istanbul airport, before connecting to Lagos. During this 11-hour journey, nobody stopped anyone to look for something; people roamed freely in and out of airports, on and off flights; individuals only cared about wearing masks.

“In fact, the Turkish Airlines team that shipped us to Lagos was wearing the mask, but nobody checked anyone! However, most flights to Italy and other cities were canceled for fear of the deadly virus. However, people could come and go freely.

“As soon as the plane reached the level of the cruise, the cabin crew gave all passengers a form from Federal Ministry of Health to fill, which requires all passengers to provide their health information. In fact, a certain Nigerian, who works as a health professional, had time to explain the virus to passengers and how to take necessary precautionary measures. In the end, she delivered disinfectants to those who needed them.

“Upon arriving at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, health workers chose the forms one after the other, asked few questions and examined all passengers; it doesn’t matter who you are. In some cases, few were allowed to enter, as you say, “oga, your temperature is too high, we cannot allow you to enter, just sit there”.

“For those who have been allowed to enter, their hands must be cleaned free of charge.

“I felt so proud of Nigeria, particularly the Department of Environmental Health, that it went through all the trouble of tracking all the passengers who landed in Lagos tonight. Among them were Igbos, Hausas, Yoruba … People from different ethical groups, working in harmony to save their nation.

“These are some of the things that make me believe that this country will grow again, if we can put aside hatred and tribalism. Nigeria, I hail thee. In the meantime, I came back. “


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