Lazy Nigerian Youths: How to Stop Being Lazy

Nigerian Youths

Nigerian youths are known for their struggle and hard work just that there are some things that get in the way of their achievements and productivity goals, hence, leaving them as a “lazy” individual.

We all have those periods of time in our lives when it’ll be difficult to be motivated to get things done. That moment when you’ll be less energetic and wouldn’t just do anything.

It is natural to feel that way once in a while, but the moment’s such behavior becomes often or last for a long period of time than usual, you might need to start seeing yourself differently.

If you see nothing special about your goals again, and you find it difficult to be inspired you might start to wonder if you’re really capable.

You may even see yourselves as one of the lazy Nigerian youths! Fortunately, if you are determined to turn things around, you may want to consider the following ways to stop being lazy.

  1. Go for Short-Term Goals

One of the reasons people feel less motivated and get tired along the way is because they are having huge goals pursuing. So if you really want to reach your pinnacle, break down your goals into short-term and achievable goals.

  1. Always Plan Your Doings

Like the old cliche “if you fail to plan…” You can’t achieve anything without having an effective plan.

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Having a plan of what you need to do we motivate you and the issue of being lazy about your goals wouldn’t set in.

It’ll only make you feel confident and peaceful, and something to cheer you up when setback or discouragement ply your way.

  1. Always Get Your Strengths Together

Nobody is born as being lazy. We all have the strength to get things done and accomplished.

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Always use your inner critic that watch over shortcomings and possible flaws, this will aid in putting together your strengths and push forward.

In case you don’t know what your inner strengths are, ask your close circles what they observe as your strength. Doing this will help out of the lazy zone.

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  1. Be Proud of Your Small Victories

Let your body and soul feel accomplished and fulfilled if you complete a task or meet one of your goals.

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The pride you’ll experience in meeting your set goals will help you add more positive and energetic self-talk.

  1. Comparison Kills… Stop it!

Lastly, as a Nigerian youth who is determined to leave the laziness zone, one of the best ways to make this happen is to never compare yourself with others.

There is nothing bad in looking around to see if everyone is getting it right, it is natural if they are ahead of you.

Never allow yourself to be trapped in the ocean of comparison. Don’t forget that human inner critic is akin to a roadblock and it’s capable of discouraging you.

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Remember, your life is uniquely yours; there’s no need to compare yourself to others, it’ll make you sick inside


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