LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria ([year] Update)

Life in this 21st century no doubt is a fast-paced one as can be seen with the rise in technology, house chores gave become easier, and washing clothes Is a good example. In the olden days and still, today, people washed clothes using manual labor.

However, this is no longer the case with the rise of washing machines in Nigeria. With a washing machine, you just push a couple of buttons and your clothes are washed in minutes. Some washing machines even dry the clothes afterward.

This has cut down laundry time for many households and lifted the burden of household chores. Many families claim that washing machines make doing laundry enjoyable while taking the least possible time.

There are so many brands, models, types, etc of washing machines available in Nigeria today. In this article, we are going to look at the prices of LG washing machines in Nigeria as of this year.

Types of LG Washing Machines Available in Nigeria

There are different types of washing machines available in Nigeria. These are grouped based on their general functionality. They include:

LG Front Loading Washing Machine

These washing machines are quiet, reliable, and spacious, designed to be energy and water efficient. This makes it best for places with water shortages. It weighs about 6kg to 10.5kg

LG Twin loading washing machine

This washing machine as the name indicates offers double power making them best for large households with a massive laundry pile. You can divide and conquer your laundry by washing two loads at the same time.

LG Top loading washing machine

These washing machines are Highly efficient and are available in a range of capacities and sizes, making it easy for you to find the best option for you. Top-loading washing machines were among the oldest styles of washing machines.

LG Semi-automatic washing machines

This washing machine features a durable plastic body that’s shock and rustproof, and roller jet pulsation for a better quality wash. They are easy to use with minimal human involvement.

LG Washer-dryer washing machines

The washer-dryer combo is ideal for locations with limited space options where a separate washer and dryer won’t fit. An LG washer-dryer combo offers a space-saving solution that’s stylish and powerful.

LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria
LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria

LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria

The prices of LG washing machines vary based on the model type, colour, wash capacity, size, and wash technology. For enhanced cleaning and superior functionality, find below LG’s selection of washing machines designed with you in mind.

Here is a list of LG Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria;

The model, type, and price of the listed LG washing machines are established in the list below;

The LG top loader washing machine automatic WM1266 Top loader 12kg N340,000

LG Washing Machine F2V5PYP2T Front loader 8kg From N368,000

LG Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine 2J5NNP7S Automatic Front Loader 6kg From N290,000

LG Front loader, Direct drive, 10 yrs warranty on Direct Drive motor(FH2J3WDNP0) Front loader 6.5kg From N212,900

LG WP-950RD Twin Tub Top Loader Washing Machine Twin tub 8kg From N149,800

LG Smart Inverter Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Automatic Top loader 8kg From N240,000

LG Washing Machine 2 in 1 Washer (12KG), Dryer (8KG) Black F4V9BCP2EE Washer and Dryer 12kg From N529,300

LG Washing Machine 2 in 1 Washer (9KG), Dryer (6KG) Silver F4V5VGP2T Washer and Dryer 9kg From N449,400

LG Machine Washing Top loader 9 KG, Full automatic, Silver Colour T9585NDHVH Full Automatic 9kg From N231,100

LG 7.5KG Automatic Washing Machine Front Loader White Colour FH2J3QDNPO Automatic Front-load 7.5kg From N260,000

LG 9KG Dryer With LED Display RC9066G2F Dryer 9kg From N340,000

LG Smart Inverter 8KG Washing Machine-Top Loader Top Loader 8kg From N249,800

LG 8Kg Smart Inverter Auto Washing Machine Auto Washing 8kg From N228,500

LG TOP LOADER WASHING MACHINE AUTOMATIC 9KG WM 9588 Automatic Top loader 9kg From N265,700

LG 6.5Kg Smart Front Loader Automatic Washing Machine Automatic Front Loader 6.5kg From N253,000

LG WM 950 8kg Twin Tub Top Loader Washing Machine Twin tub 8kg From N240,000

LG Front Loader 7.5KG Washing Machine WM2J3QDNPO Front Loader 7.5kg From N294,000

LG 5kg Top Loader Manual Washing Machine Top Loader 5kg From N137,000

LG 7kg Twin Tub Top Loader Manual Washing Machine Manual Top Loader 7kg From N170,000

LG 6.5Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine With WM2J3WNPO Automatic Front loader 6.5kg From N265,000

LG Front Load Washer/Dryer F4V5VGP2T 9kg Washer/6kg Dryer Front Loader Washer and Dryer 9kg From N587,000

LG Front Load Washer F2J5NNP7S Front Loader 6kg From N260,000

LG 13Kg Deluxe Top Loader Twin Tub Washing Machine P1461RC Top Loader Twin tub 13kg From N268,000

LG 12kg Top Loader Twin Tub Washing Machine P1401ROP Twin tub Manual Top loader 12kg From N234,000

LG Front Load Washer/Dryer F4V5VGP2T 9kg Washer/6kg Dryer Front loader Washer and Dryer 9kg From N586,000

LG Twin Tub WM 950 8kg Top Loader Washing Machine Top loader 8kg From N195,000

LG Washing Machine F2V5PYP2T 8Kg Washer Washer 8kg From N368,000

LG 7Kg Automatic Front Load Smart ThinQ Washing Machine Automatic Front Loader 7kg From N350,000

Advantages of LG Washing Machines

Why are LG Washing Machines the best choice for your household? Well let’s look at the advantages of LG Washing MachinesLG Washing Machines are highly efficient with a wide range of functions.

LG Washing Machines are energy-saving machines that use minimal energy for the best results. They are made with the latest technology as LG Washing Machines keeps updating their technology to give you the best results.

LG Washing Machines produce little to no noise for such a powerful performance.

Factors To Consider When Buying an LG Washing Machine in Nigeria;

What to look out for when buying an LG Washing machine in Nigeria

Well, it includes;

Type: check whether you want to have a front loading or a top loading, semiautomatic or automatic while purchasing an LG Washing machine. This is so you can pick the best option for you

Model Design: Each model of the LG Washing Machine is designed differently to meet different needs. Consider the model design and whether it is suitable when buying.

Wash Capacity: The washing capacity for LG washing machines ranges from 4.5kg to 17kg. The best wash capacity for you will depend on the laundry load of the household.

Size: The available space in your laundry spot would determine the best size for you. Washer-dryers are the best fit for homes with limited spaces.