Full List of Political Parties In Nigeria and Their Slogan

The Rich Tapestry of Nigeria’s Political Landscape: A Comprehensive Overview of Political Parties and Their Slogans

Embark on a journey through Nigeria’s vibrant political landscape, where diversity thrives and ideologies clash. With a plethora of political parties vying for attention and influence, BetWinner online presents a comprehensive guide to the kaleidoscope of Nigerian politics and the essence behind their slogans.

1. All Progressives Congress (APC): “Change”

Established in 2013, the All Progressives Congress emerged as a formidable force, promising transformative change in Nigeria’s political sphere. The party’s slogan, “Change,” encapsulates its commitment to reform, progress, and development.

2. People’s Democratic Party (PDP): “Power to the People”

The People’s Democratic Party, Nigeria’s main opposition party, advocates for inclusivity, equity, and the empowerment of the citizenry. With its slogan, “Power to the People,” the PDP emphasizes democratic governance and the promotion of the welfare of Nigerians.

3. All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA): “Be the Light”

APGA, rooted in the Igbo cultural ethos, espouses the principles of integrity, transparency, and visionary leadership. Its slogan, “Be the Light,” signifies a beacon of hope, enlightenment, and progress for the Nigerian people.

4. Labour Party (LP): “Towards a Better Nigeria”

The Labour Party champions the rights and interests of the working class and marginalized groups. Its slogan, “Towards a Better Nigeria,” reflects its commitment to socioeconomic equity, justice, and prosperity for all Nigerians.

5. Social Democratic Party (SDP): “Justice, Unity, and Progress”

The Social Democratic Party upholds the values of justice, unity, and progress as the cornerstone of its ideology. Through its slogan, the SDP seeks to foster national cohesion, social justice, and sustainable development across Nigeria.

6. Accord Party: “Unity, Peace, and Progress”

Founded on the principles of unity, peace, and progress, the Accord Party advocates for harmonious coexistence and national development. Its slogan epitomizes the party’s dedication to fostering unity and progress in Nigeria.

7. Young Progressive Party (YPP): “The Future is Now”

As a party that prioritizes youth inclusion and innovative governance, the Young Progressive Party embodies the spirit of youth empowerment and dynamism. Its slogan, “The Future is Now,” underscores the urgency of addressing contemporary challenges and embracing progressive change.

8. African Democratic Congress (ADC): “Change, Progress, and Unity”

The African Democratic Congress advocates for transformative change, progress, and national unity. Through its slogan, the ADC emphasizes the need for inclusive governance, socioeconomic development, and solidarity among Nigerians.

9. Zenith Labour Party (ZLP): “Working for the People”

The Zenith Labour Party is committed to advancing the interests and welfare of the Nigerian populace, particularly the working class. Its slogan, “Working for the People,” reflects its dedication to grassroots mobilization, economic empowerment, and social justice.

10. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP): “A New Nigeria is Possible”

With a vision for a reinvigorated Nigeria, the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party advocates for transformative leadership and governance. Its slogan, “A New Nigeria is Possible,” embodies hope, optimism, and the potential for positive change in the country.


Nigeria’s political landscape is characterized by a diverse array of parties, each with its unique ideologies, visions, and slogans. From the promise of change to the pursuit of progress and unity, these slogans encapsulate the aspirations and values of the Nigerian people. As the country continues its democratic journey, the significance of these slogans serves as a reminder of the enduring quest for a better, more inclusive Nigeria.