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Major Types of Loans Available In Nigeria (2023)

The Major Types of Loans Available In Nigeria are discussed in this article. It may be of interest to you to learn that there are many sorts of loans available in the country today, depending on the terms and circumstances available. Knowing what they are and how they vary can help you make critical judgments

Top Best Instant Loan Apps in Kenya

There are many instant loan apps in Kenya that give fast loans without collateral and paperwork to individuals and businesses. Are you in dire need of money and you are searching for the best loan app in Kenya to get an instant loan? You have gotten the right article to guide you through numerous instant

Top 10 Mobile Loan Apps for Online Lending in Nigeria

Thanks to many financial institutions, there are many loan apps for online lending in Nigeria that give fast and quick loans for emergency and unplanned needs online. The most surprising thing about getting a loan from an online app is that it can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. With the advent of technology,

Banks That Gives Business Loan Without Collateral

Do you know there are Banks That Gives Business Loan Without Collateral in Nigeria? The most prominent challenge facing all aspiring entrepreneurs and even the established entrepreneurs is the challenge of raising funds thus the need for a Business Loan. Every business requires funding at the startup stage and often getting the required funds is

KiaKia Loan App: All You Need To Know

Kiakia Loan is a fast lending platform and financial marketplace that gives short loans to micro, small and medium enterprises without collateral. This article contains everything you need to know about KiaKia Loan and how to borrow money using the app. About KiaKia KiaKia Loan which is a subsidiary of Sterling bank was established in