How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Are you looking for ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer for Samsung, Sony Xperia or any other brands of Smartphones? Lots of these mobile devices, have innovated Smartphones that are equipped with powerful mobile operating systems such as Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS, etc? This new operating system allows users to play games, listen to music, take photographs, and still access the Internet at the same time even enabling users to stream videos. Android vs iOS – The Similarities and Differences

Given the diverse range of capabilities and multi-functionality abilities on this recent innovation on mobile devices, battery life has become a growing concern for both manufacturers and users. Some smartphone batteries last at least a day or two before they need to be charged.

Just as humans have to rest to regain and manage their energy levels, the same applies to battery life too.

Here is How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer.


Put Off Your Phones Vibration Mode

Vibrations use up more power than your regular ringtones. Sounds produced by mobile ringtones are tiny vibrations in your smartphone’s speakers. However, the entire device vibrates when the phone is on vibration mode thereby consuming more power.

Dim Your Phone Screen

The mode of your mobile device screen affects its battery life drastically. Reducing or dimming your smartphone phone screen will reduce its power consumption.

Reduction of Screen Timeout

You can minimize the power consumption of your smartphone by shortening its Screensaver timeout, and you ought to consider reducing the screen timeout.

Switching Your Phone Off

Turning Off your smartphone for a couple of hours can save its battery than leaving it to sleep during an inactive period (when you don’t need your phone for any reason).


Charge Your Smartphone Battery Properly

One way you can conserve your battery is to charge it accordingly with the prescribed charger that way your battery will last longer. Note that battery power diminishes after every charging session so to stop yours from depreciating quickly use the charger meant for the device.

Close the Applications You are Not Using

The multi-tasking ability of Smartphones is one of the main reasons why its battery life gets drained quickly. If you want to save your battery life, you have to turn off the apps you are not using.

Disable your Phone’s GPS

Your smartphone has a GPS unit that allows you to send and receive signals from satellites so as to determine your location at any point in time. Leaving an app running on your mobile device depletes your power so it will be wise to turn it off.

Switch Off Your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G Features When You are Not Using Them

If your smartphone’s Wi-Fi, 3G or Bluetooth is put on and left on, the load on the battery can drain it drastically. So you can save battery by only leaving them on when you are using them but if not so switch them off.

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Minimize the Number of Notifications You Receive on Your Smartphone

Getting notifications on your Smartphones on a regular is normal. However, every incoming notification you receive will light up your screen, make a sound or vibrate depending on whichever mode receiving of notifications is set in thereby draining your battery quicker. You can avoid this and save your battery power by, Managing your settings well and disabling any unnecessary notifications.

Try to Keep Your Battery at a Cool Temperature

You might have observed that your battery runs out faster when your device gets to a high temperature or gets warm especially when you are downloading a file. The battery power can be maximized in the best possible way by in this situation by cooling the battery while downloading. You should remove the back cover of your smartphone thereby exposing it’s the battery to air that way it gets cooler, that way the battery will last longer.


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