Medical Laboratory Scientists Salary in Nigeria

In this article, we’ll discuss the medical laboratory Scientists salary in Nigeria. Also, we’ll explain how lucrative science and laboratory science is. Not only that, we’ll discuss the requirements for studying science laboratory science in Nigeria. 

The medical Laboratory Scientists available in Nigeria are not enough to cater to the needs of Nigerians. Also, the salary of medical laboratory Scientists is slightly closer to the salaries of auxiliary medical personnel. 

The Job Functions of Medical Laboratory Scientists

The medical laboratory scientist can also be called Clinical Scientist or a medical technologist. This medical profession analyzes varieties of biological specimens. 

Medical Laboratory Scientists also perform scientific functions like testing samples and reporting the results to physicians. Medical scientists help to identify and treat ailments.

Medical Laboratory Scientists Salary in Nigeria

The salaries of Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria are determined by the year of experience, size of clinics e.t.c. The above factors determine the salary a Medical Laboratory scientist is likely to receive.

Averagely Medical Laboratory Scientists receive N120,000. See also: List of Health Agencies in Nigeria

Salaries of medical laboratory Scientists in Nigeria Government Hospitals.

Medical Laboratory Scientists that have spent between  0 to 2 years are being paid N120,000 to N150,000 per month. 

Laboratory Scientists that are in the mid-level stage or between 2 to 5 years, earn as much as N150,000 to N300,000. 

While experienced level medical laboratory Scientists who have spent close to 10 years earn above N350,000 per month. See also: The Best Medical Courses To Study in Nigeria (2022)

Salaries of medical laboratory Scientists in Private Hospitals

Medical Laboratory Scientists in Private Hospitals earn an average of N180,000 every month.

Salaries of medical laboratory Scientists during NYSC

During NYSC, medical laboratory Scientists earn an average of N50,000. 

How Lucrative is medical laboratory Science in Nigeria

Medical Laboratory Science is a very lucrative profession. Medical Laboratory Scientists can establish their own laboratories, clinics, or diagnostic centers after so many years of working. 

The course is very good and lucrative as well. 

Where can Medical Laboratory Scientists work

Medical Laboratory Scientists can work in hospitals, reference labs, bio-tech laboratories, non-clinical Industrial laboratories e.t.c. See also: How to Start a Successful Pharmacy Business


The above article explains the in-depth salaries of medical laboratory scientists and the establishments they’re likely to work in. Do you have a contrary opinion about the Salary Structure, air out your views in the comment section?