The Woman I S*xed On Valentine Is A Mother Of 3 – ‘Versity Studen

I knew it, I was sure that a lot more drama has occurred in the last Valentine’s day celebration.

Some ladies even received the beating of their life after they were caught up to be dating the same man as friends.

Another also was said to be slapped after he presented a low-budget gift to his bae in the midst of her friends.

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Well, as if that was not enough. A student of the University of Ilorin in Kwara state, who pleaded to be anonymous for security reasons narrates that he was shocked to know that the woman he met at a party on Valentine’s day was a mother of three.

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According to him, the night party which they had in one of the hotels in the city of Ilorin was a blast of fun. He stated that while he was already high on liquor, a woman who was already high as him too walked up to him and fell on his chest where he was seated on a cushion.

Their temperature both got hot and high and they both dragged each other to an angle where they finally had s*x.

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He stated further that the woman after the rounds of s*x took his phone and dialed her number so she could save his own number, and then she left him in Wonder on her car.

On the following day after all has settled down, he received her call and she requested his account number, instantly she sent him 50,000. An alert that shook the student.

Not stopping, she asked him to come on WhatsApp where he finally saw her real face from the DP (display photo) used. He asked if she was the one he met and she said yes.

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While he was still wondering, she asked when they will meet again because she did enjoy him on valentine’s night. The guy in confusion told her he will respond back to her, which he is yet to do.

He called the attention of his friends to the whole matter. And as usual, some advised he should go on and enjoy his sugar Mummy while others objected.

Well, the guy is yet to decide from what he narrated yesterday. Hmmmmm. Am wondering and also asking, If it was you, what will you do?

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