Netflix’s First African Series, Queen Sono, Premieres

Netflix's First African Series, Queen Sono, Premieres

Online streaming giant, Netflix’s, first African-made production, Queen Sono, a spy thriller starring South African lead actress Pearl Thusi, of recent has been making waves since its launch on Friday.

Created and directed by leading local satirist and also actor Kagiso Lediga, Queen Sono is part of Netflix’s broader strategy, “Made in Africa, Seen by the World”, and one of its first investments in the continent.

Filmed in more than 37 locations, including Kenya, Nigeria, Zanzibar, and South Africa – Queen Sono is Africa’s first original screenplay series.

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Netflix Africa manager Dorothy Ghettuba describes the film as “an exciting action thriller (that) … follows the life of Queen Sono, a highly trained secret spy who works for South Africans”.

“I have always been the face of a strong African woman; it’s not new to me, but now I’m representing a character on the screen that, I think, reflects all strong African women and black African women, ”said Thusi, who is also a star in Kenya’s thriller series,“ Quantico ”. ”.

The production shows “exactly what we want to do, which is telling stories about Africa by Africans,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s content director.

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For creator and director Lediga, “there are so many stories, so many great filmmakers on the continent that I can’t wait to see what happens after that”.

“It shows that we, as Africans, can do things ourselves, we don’t need Europeans, Asians or anyone else to tell our own stories. We understand each other and we can tell our story better than anyone else ”.

Days after its release, many expressed enormous love for the series on social media, saying it was time for Africa to start telling its own stories.


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