Nigeria Army Logo, Slogan, and Motto – Meaning and Description

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of the Nigeria army logo?  Previously, we wrote an article on the salary structure of the Nigerian army. Today, we will be focusing on the meaning of the Nigerian army logo and motto.

The Nigerian Army is one of the backbones and the armed forces that was founded in 1960. Although the armed force history dated back to 1900 when it acts as the Royal West African frontier force.

The Nigerian army logo was designed during this period. Also, the Nigeria army logo contains an eagle, two interlaced triangle-like 6 pointed stars with an Arabic Script. See how to join the Nigerian Army

Find below the meaning of different Nigerian army logo elements.

List of Nigeria Army Logo Elements and their Meaning

As said earlier, the Nigeria Army logo consists of different elements including

Nigerian Army logo image
  • An Eagle,
  • 2 Interlaced triangle-like 6 pointed stars,
  • Arabic Script,
  • Red and Black Stripes


The Eagle in the Nigerian army logo signifies the graceful power, strength, and elegance of the Nigerian Army. We all know birds are always active when it comes to surveillance which signifies the accuracy of how the Nigerian army strikes during attacks and keeps watching during the peaceful time.

Interlaced triangle with 6 Pointed Stars

This element can be traced back to 1914 during the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates by Lord Ludgard. Thus, it was adopted as part of the elements of the Nigeria Army logo.

Arabic Script

Many Nigerians are surprised to see an Arabic script on the Nigerian army logo especially those seeing it for the first time. Some thought it is a way to Islamize the country whereas it is not.

The Arabic script in the Nigerian army logo which translated to ‘Nasruminallah’ meaning ‘Victory Comes From God Alone’ can be traced back to a Sokoto Caliphate. During the time of Shehu Usman Dan Fodio, the Sokoto army had a banner which ‘Nasruminallah’ was inscribed on it. This banner was taken along to fight the invading colonial forces.

It was later adopted by the British government formally during the Colonial era before it was handed down after the colonial era.

The Nigerian Army logo motto was later used by Frederick Lugard during his reign as the first commander of the frontier force till it was passed down till this moment. This is because Arabic is an indigenous language spoken by Hausas traders in Nigeria and many West African countries. As a result, not only does the Nigeria Army logo has the Arabic language inscribed on it, the currency and symbol used during those period has Arabic scripts on them. See the current Nigerian air force ranks and salary.

Red and Black Stripes

Also, 3 stripes can be seen on the Nigeria Army logo which consists of 2 red stripes and a black stripe of the same length and width. It is important to know that these stripes are not only on the Nigeria army logo but also on the Nigeria army badges and flag.

The black stripe signifies the indigenous color of the forces, which is black. It also represents the color of cavalry and armored troops.

While the two red stripes indicate the enemies and their activities.

Final Thoughts on Nigeria Army Logo and Meaning

By now, you should be able to understand the meaning of the Nigerian army logo and the motto. Also, you should understand the reason why an Arabic script is in the logo and how it was designed.