Nigeria’s Future Depends on Our Commitment to a Common Destiny – Atiku Abubakar

Information reaching 9ja news says that Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has joined Nigerians to celebrate her 60th independence anniversary today(Thursday).

Atiku Abubakar recalls the victory of Isreal Adesanya in far away Abu Dhabi which he decribes as a victory for the nation irrespective of tribe. He says Adesanya ‘s victory is a “collective victory”.

“On Saturday, 26 September 2020 in far away Abu Dhabi, Israel Adesanya, an illustrious Nigerian, who embodies the indefatigable Nigerian spirit made the nation proud by successfully defending his UFC middleweight title.

“That victory lifted our spirit, and gave us hope in a season of hopelessness when every index of life and human development in our country is trending abysmally negative.

“Nigerians of all hues are united in the celebration of the victory of @stylebender. It is our victory. No one cares if he is from Abia or Zamfara, Rivers or Osun state”.

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According to the former Vice President, “The youths of Nigeria represent the future wealth of the fatherland and the only way we can tap into them is through quality investments in education and skills acquisition.

“Through the creativity that they inject in their passion, the excellence of the Nigerian youth is a global signature in diverse fields notably in sports, as they can be found in medicine, in education, in business and finance, agriculture, and in our entertainment industry.

“Indeed they ‘berekete’ in every facet of our life from the rain forest of the south to the sudan and sahel Savannah of the north and the guinea Savannah of the midlands of the territories we call home.

“We may have failed to take advantage of the power of the Nigerian youth. But there is something much more significant that their triumphs teach us a people looking forward to a better future. When they win, they celebrate Nigeria.

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Our youth are ready and eager to conquer the world. What they lack is the leadership to take them through that process”.

He added that a development plan should be adopted, a plan “that will have our youth at the centre of the plan”.

Speaking further, he says, “The times of idle, lame promises are over! We urgently need to build a new Nigeria where every dream would be embraced and the potentialities of our youth could be unleashed without the usual fears that have dragged us.

“I also call on those who have taken up arms against Nigeria to have a rethink. Whatever differences they may have with the rest of Nigeria, whether religious, ethnic or political, terror, violence and separatism are not the way. Let us learn from history”.

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“By learning to live within our means, we can put a stop to the needless borrowings that threaten our economic independence.

“Our nation is in dire need of healing. We must foster unity and douse the tense atmosphere which is breeding feelings of alienation. We must promote freedom of speech and freedom after the speech.

“As such, in the spirit of our 60th Independence Anniversary, I call on the Federal and state governments, to release all political prisoners and detainees, and discontinue the prosecution of such individuals.

“If Nelson Mandela could reconcile with those who imprisoned him for twenty-seven years, we can reconcile with those who have disagreed with us.

“Happy Independence Day!”

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