Obesere Gets Accolades for ‘Egungun Be Careful’ After 18 Years

Obesere Gets Accolades for ‘Egungun Be Careful’ After 18 Years

After Eighteen years of the release of his monster hit, Fuji’s star Egungun Be Careful, Abass Akande Obesere, was praised for his efforts.

On the microblogging platform, Twitter was impressed by the vibrations of 18-year-old Obesere’s music on Thursday, March 5.

J.J.Omojuwa, a famous social media commentator, opined that the Fuji star may recover, but who wants to be a clown at 50.

“I’m happy for Obesere; people would never give themselves up to a 50-year-old man who sang Consolijapo and Skesko aya mi nja, definitely evolution would always be difficult. But certainly, there is a chance to test the waters again, but who wants to be a clown for children at 50? Evolution it is then! “

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Another twitter user, Omotayo, from Lagos, rated the Fuji star over Terry G and Naira Marley.

“Terry G who? Naira Marley who? he questioned. “Obesere is the true king of madness; baba has been performing for several years dressed in women’s clothes, on the days when my father used to call him a bad influence, before 2020, he is the one who gives me joy in TL, Obesere My GOAT”

Furthermore, Mr. Punk’s post says: “When I was young, my mother would not allow me to go to my uncle’s house because he listened to Obesere’s music, saying that he would be corrupted by his music. 15 years later, my uncle now he is a pastor and I am a Marlian. “

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For Adetoro, she demanded a new song by singer Fuji: “Someone tells Obesere that he needs to launch something new that the millennium generation has just been inspired by in his genre”.

Recently, the musical sensation Niniola Apata, popularly known as Niniola, released a single entitled “Omo Rapala”, which is the nickname of popular singer. She did, however, introduce Obesere in the music video. He opened the year with an Afrobeat dance single ‘Skoro’, produced by Glorious Beatz, with credits for mixing and mastering on the EQ-Mix. “

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Obesere, popularly known as ‘Omo Rapala’ or ‘Papa Tosibe’ for his energetic performance, paved the way for the spotlight through obscene music and music videos.

He made many albums that were released under the Dudu Heritage and Bayowa Records brands, respectively. Some of his hit songs include Gogo night, ‘Omorapala Overthrow’, ‘Asakasa’, ‘Okokoriko’, ‘American Faaji’, ‘American Faaji’, ‘Oodua’, ‘Efissy’, ‘Efissy’, ‘Obadan’ and ‘Mr Teacher’.

Their song, Egungun Be Careful, was a street anthem when it was released under the Bayowa Records brand.


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