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How to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home

Natural vision correction and sight improvement are means with which we can clearly improve eyesight health using natural remedies and relaxation tips like eye massage and eye exercises without the use of glasses, drugs or corrective lenses. These notions seem almost impossible to others but have proven to be true and have been portrayed on

Northern Delicacies You Should Try Out

Check out these Northern Delicacies you have been missing: Nigeria is such a country endowed with a different culture, nativity, and uniqueness in its regions. Not limited to one but with different tribes each with their way of life in everything. We are so blessed among others with varieties of meals that are not just

How to Identify The Best Temperament For Marriage

All human beings are different and unique they are of different temperament thus endowing them with traits which are common to certain types of people which makes them totally predictable. It is important to know these traits so you can tell early enough if your relationship with your partner will survive or evolve into marriage.

Deworming Medication For Adults in Nigeria

Should adults be dewormed? Are children the only group that should be dewormed? what is the best deworming medication for human adults in Nigeria? these and more are questions that many Nigerians are asking. if you have been asking these questions, then I employ you to read through this article and thank me later. Believe

Negative Effects Of Junk Food Nigerians often Neglect

Junk foods also known to be fast foods or snack food are foods consumed for convenience. They are rich in calories, fats carbohydrates, and sugars but very poor in fibers and other nutrients.  People incessantly consume these foods in very large quantities.   Junks are found everywhere in the world looking very appealing to the eyes they could make

How to Remove Nigerian Tribal Marks and Scars

Tribal marks are one of the cultural identification recognized by some tribes in Nigeria. Some tribes such as the Yoruba and Hausa and some other smaller tribes such as the Igalas provide their children with tribal marks as a form of tribal identification. Some of the marks are given on the cheeks, the forehead, the chest,

10 Funny Superstitious Beliefs In Nigeria

Nigerians are known to be very superstitious and most of these superstitions are very funny and seem interesting. Here are a few superstitions by different tribes in Nigeria 10 Funny Superstitious Beliefs In Nigeria The Crossing of Ropes A particular set of Nigerians don’t believe that they should pass under a rope used for drying