Lucrative Business Ideas for Music lovers

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is no joke and one of the highly followed niches in the industry is the music sector. Thanks to the Nigerian artist for giving their fanatics good and enjoyable music. Hence, for music lovers, it doesn’t mean you must be a musician before you work and make money in the

Lucrative Opportunity In Exercise Book Manufacturing

Since existence, right from start, the need for an exercise Book and other writing paper has itched, the putting down of thought, feeling and experience have dominated the thoughts of man. This feeling still dominates in today’s world, considering the number of nurseries, primary, secondary, tertiary and higher institution in our locality, the number of

Small Business Ideas and Opportunities For Teachers

We pray for our teachers for giving us a sound education may God reward them.  Are you a teacher and seriously in need of a business opportunity- either full-time or part-time to conjugate your teaching services? Without mincing words, below are profitable and small business ideas and opportunities for teachers. Worldwide, teachers’ earnings are too

How To Start Biscuit Production Business

Do you love to bake? do you want to start a profitable food business today? have you considered starting a Biscuit production business? if yes then read on, if no still read on as you might just change your mind. One common item of consumption at all levels, most commonly available product, an important product

How To Start Soap Production And Sale Business

The Soap Production business requires neither an introduction nor long talk even on its profit potential for if you can answer the following questions then you’re sure to get much on this business. Knowing that Soap is used for washing clothes, scrubbing of the floor, bathing, and lubrication of machines for washing and for another

Deworming Medication For Adults in Nigeria

Should adults be dewormed? Are children the only group that should be dewormed? what is the best deworming medication for human adults in Nigeria? these and more are questions that many Nigerians are asking. if you have been asking these questions, then I employ you to read through this article and thank me later. Believe

How To Successfully Start A Cake Business From Home

The cake has evolved from being just a dessert to becoming a favorite meal of many, present in literally all ceremonies: birthday’s wedding, anniversary, matriculation, graduation, convocation/induction, child dedications and every other right of passages, making cake production even more lucrative and a fertile ground for investors to invest. Learning how to make cakes won’t