Negative Effects Of Junk Food Nigerians often Neglect

Junk foods also known to be fast foods or snack food are foods consumed for convenience. They are rich in calories, fats carbohydrates, and sugars but very poor in fibers and other nutrients.  People incessantly consume these foods in very large quantities.   Junks are found everywhere in the world looking very appealing to the eyes they could make

How to Remove Nigerian Tribal Marks and Scars

Tribal marks are one of the cultural identification recognized by some tribes in Nigeria. Some tribes such as the Yoruba and Hausa and some other smaller tribes such as the Igalas provide their children with tribal marks as a form of tribal identification. Some of the marks are given on the cheeks, the forehead, the chest,

Full List of Things You Need for NYSC Camp

The National Youth Service Corps is a One (1) year program that almost all graduates from tertiary institutions will take part in. The program is divided into four parts – Orientation, Primary Assignment, Community Development Service, and Passing Out. The Orientation happens in various designated NYSC camps across the country, which lasts for 3 weeks.

10 Funny Superstitious Beliefs In Nigeria

Nigerians are known to be very superstitious and most of these superstitions are very funny and seem interesting. Here are a few superstitions by different tribes in Nigeria 10 Funny Superstitious Beliefs In Nigeria The Crossing of Ropes A particular set of Nigerians don’t believe that they should pass under a rope used for drying

How to Start Bleach Production Business [Full Guide]

Bleach is a whitening substance widely used for household purposes, industrial and fabric launders. Households, individuals, manufacturing companies use bleach for a different purpose, it can be used to remove tough stains from clothes, objects, textile materials among others. Manufacturing companies use bleach to remove rust stains from their machinery and equipment, while other business

Make Money From Custard Production Business

Custard Production Custard is a delicious, nutritious food eaten and enjoyed by everyone, both from infant to paternal age, the custard is the desired meal. Custard is food in powdery form when in its raw state but eaten in a semi-liquid-like state like palp, it is preferred over palp because of its taste, flavor, and

Drinking Straw Production Business How Lucrative?

Are you a graduate, employer, employee, student, businessman, or aspiring Entrepreneur and you are looking for a lucrative business to start and enjoy a high return on investment? Do you know you can make huge profits From the Drinking Straw Production business? Understanding business and following the footsteps of the successful business guru’s one will