15 Part-Time Business You Can Start Today Easily

Part-time business ideas are the perfect method of earning extra bucks without affecting your day job. If the idea of making more money sounds good to you, embarking on any of the listed part-time businesses below is something you may need to look into.

Most of these part-time businesses are flexible enough to allow other activities. Especially if your job gives some time off during the weeks and weekends. Below is the list of flexible part-time businesses you can start easily to augment your income.

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Part-time Business You Can Start Easily

1. Blogging

As a result of the advent of technology, there have been many opportunities for different online-related part-time business ideas. In which, blogging is one of the promising online businesses available. A lot of people are making money from blogging while going on with their normal daily activities.

Even though it may take some time and effort to start making money from it. It doesn’t cancel the fact it’s one of the flexible and lucrative online businesses around.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another closely related online part-time business idea to blogging is affiliate marketing. This is mainly selling other people’s products and receiving commissions on them.

This is not only flexible but allows you to partake in other activities including your full-time job. Affiliate marketing can be done as a means of monetizing a blog, creating a single sales page with E-mail marketing, or even on social media platforms. Even though affiliate marketing is lucrative and less stressful, you will need at least the basic knowledge of marketing.

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3. Dropshipping/Online Store

This is also one of the online part-time business ideas. You can create an online store where products are to be displayed for sales. This will also require effort and time and more importantly knowledge in the field.

Dropshipping is also related to this, just that you may or not build a store while advertising other people’s products like yours. You simply advertise others’ products as yours but add the extra profit you intend to make to it. Then you remove your profit and allow the seller to fulfill the customer’s orders.

Most of these online part-time business ideas require time, effort, and related knowledge for them to thrive.

4. Information Marketing

Selling knowledge in form of e-books is another part-time business idea you can implement. This can be done in the comfort of your home. All you need in providing solutions to other people’s problems is the required knowledge and basic marketing skills.

Implementing information marketing as a part-time business idea will make you a lot of money with more time to attend to your full-time job.

5. Social Media Manager/Expert

If you are the type that is versatile with the use of social media, you may want to consider this as a part-time business idea.

Many companies and brands need individuals with knowledge of social media marketing to manage their pages. You will be responsible for managing their online presence, responding to customers’ questions, creating content and so many other duties.

To be successful in this, you need a basic knowledge of content marketing and graphics designing.


 6. Virtual Assistant

You can also work in your free time by helping brands to perform different activities. Most companies need the service of a virtual assistant to help in many computer-related tasks including data entry, typing of e-mail, and so on. Working as a virtual assistant is one of the flexible part-time business ideas online

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7. Tutoring

Online or home-based tutoring is also one of the flexible part-time business ideas you can venture into. What field are you knowledgeable in? Why don’t you use the knowledge in teaching others? Some of the tutoring fields you can consider include, language tutoring, academic tutoring for all ages(elementary to tertiary)SAT tutoring, and even computer tutoring. You can decide to run it online or in a physical center or render home-based services.

8. Photography

Another example of services related to part-time business ideas is photography. This is only suitable for individuals with adequate photography skills.

This may involve taking photoshoots, wedding parties, birthday parties, and other related events pictures. You can also diversify into travel, fashion, and other areas of photography.

9. Personal Shopping

Are you fashion enthusiasts who have eyes for details? Acting as personal shoppers for extremely busy individuals may be what you want to consider. Fortunately,  this doesn’t need any capital or much knowledge to get started.

This part-time business idea as well as tutoring, photography may require the need for social media advertisement and promotions. Also, getting in contact with models, networking with business executives, word of mouth may be needed.

10. Writing

This is a skill-based part-time business idea. Operating a writing agency or working as a freelancer is another way to make money without it affecting your full-time job.

But with this type of business idea, you must have the skills and knowledge on how to monetize it.

11. Fitness Trainer

Are you a fitness enthusiast who is not only physically fits but have basic knowledge in maintaining fitness level? You may want to choose fitness training as your part-time business idea.

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Even though it may require a lot of promotion and marketing to sustain the business. You can take it one step at a time.

12. Computer Training

After a productive day and week at work, you can decide to start training people on computer uses and parts. Even though this will require some computer-related knowledge and resources, it’s a good way of adding extra bucks to your income.

13. Interior Designer

The next on our list of part-time business ideas is Interior Designing. Acquiring the needed knowledge, and skills are important to start this business. With good planning, managing, communication, and advertising skills, you can earn a lot from it as a side hustle.

14. Painting

Painting houses and buildings for new owners is another flexible way to earn money apart from your full-time job. Like other skills related to part-time business ideas, it requires basic knowledge and understanding of the work. Networking with prospective customers and referral marketing is also important.

15. Car Washing

Have you ever thought about providing car washing services to car owners? If yes, it is a lucrative business and can be done with flexibility. You can decide to offer this service during the weekend alone.

Unlike some other part-time business ideas, it requires some investment to start. Getting water may be costly especially in areas where there is water scarcity. Other less-costly needs may include soap, sponges, and towels.

More On Part-time Business Ideas

Should we continue to list all the part-time business ideas you can venture into, we will spend the entire day without exhausting it.

What matters most is picking a business model you have the passion for or skills and knowledge in. Start the business from somewhere and it will start yielding as a side hustle soonest depending on the efforts invested.

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