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List Of Nollywood Producers/Directors And Their Contacts

This article contains the List Of Nollywood Producers and Directors. Nollywood, the Nigerian movie entertainment industry is filled with outstanding movie producers and directors. They are the sole reason why Nollywood movies are interesting and fun. Directing and bringing script stories to life and reality. Should a movie project fail, a director is responsible mostly

Adam Sandler Movies: Here Are The Best

For movie lovers, this article will definitely walk you through some Adam Sandler movies which are part of the blockbuster in Hollywood. Stay tuned as we unravel the incredible work done by one of America’s famous actors. Adam Sandler is an excellent actor whose films have been critically acclaimed and also blockbusters. Although some have

Steve Harvey Biography and Net Worth : All You Should Know

Biography of Steve Harvey by popular demand, Steve Harvey is an American comedian, actor, radio and television presenter, producer, and author of various relationship advice books. This article will be solely focused on Steve Harvey, his wife, children, family, height, net worth, house, salary, biography and many other things you need to know about him.

Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actresses

Have you ever wondered who the richest Nollywood actress is? Today’s article covers everything you need to know about the richest Nollywood actresses. Nollywood is the Nigerian movie body and the third-largest producer of home movies in the world. There is no doubt that the film industry has created many opportunities for many talented actors

Top 5 Richest Celebrities In Nigeria And Their Net Worth

The entertainment industry is no doubt the most profitable industry in the Nigerian entrepreneur world breeding rich celebrities with millions of dollars as net worth. Their success comes from mouthwatering deals with top companies and brands, shows and performances, collaborations, and more. The kind of lifestyle these people live is second to none and this