Promiscuous Grandfather Is Expecting A Child From His 14-Year-Old Granddaughter

Wonder they say will never end! the wonder of today is that of a Promiscuous Grandfather Is Expecting A Child From His 14-Year-Old Granddaughter.

It was a pitiful situation for a woman as she narrates her ordeal with her father-in-law whom they took into their home because he was sick and lonely in the village.

According to the woman who pleaded to be anonymous, she reveals that her father-in-law abused his own granddaughter which is her own daughter with his son, and make her carry a baby in her from his promiscuous lifestyle.

She narrated her story thus;

“I was happily married for seventeen years, blessed with a son of 16th years and a daughter who just turned 14 this month, still in her secondary school.”

“My husband lives overseas, and come home every three months, and that is how it has been for the past ten years now. But sometime in early last year my father in_law was ill and we have to move him down to the city from the village for proper treatment, that was how he started living with us.”

“I had no issues with him living with us and my husband also love the idea of his dad relocating to the city and he was never a problem for me,” 

“In fact, Papa always make everyone around him happy. It was fun having him in our house, and since there is nobody in the village to take care of him, we happily received him.”

She speaks further on how she was notified of her daughter’s sudden change in her school as she received a call from the school headteacher.

She said, “Early this year I noticed changed in my daughter’s body but I just felt she was growing because that is the dream of every mother to see their kids grown.”

“A week ago I got a call from my daughter’s school that she was very sick and could not do her class activities. I ran down to her school to find out what the problem is, on getting there, I was asked to take her to the hospital by the then head of the school which I did.”

“At the hospital, I was in total disbelief when I received my daughter’s test result, that my pretty girl, my little girl was expecting a child.” 

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“I never knew I was in for the greatest shock of my life when my daughter told me the child inside her, the baby she was expecting was her grandfather’s child.” 

“God, this not happening to me. To my shock again, the Promiscuous Grandfather didn’t deny the child, and was ready to keep it since my husband was his only child,”

“What should I do? because my daughter doesn’t want to remove the baby, and how do I tell my husband this, that his father has a baby inside his daughter, that is, his little girl is expecting a child for his father, her grandfather.”

“Please help me, I don’t know what to do, my husband will be home in March,” she said.

This is a life story and it’s so unfortunate that a grandfather will have his granddaughter this way.

What can she do as a wife and mother?  9jatoday employs you to please leave a comment below on this situation of Promiscuous Grandfather Is Expecting A Child From His 14-Year-Old Granddaughter as narrated above.


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