Reno Omokri Criticises Nigerians Over Money Raised For Ex-BBN Contestant

Nigerians who raised money for the disqualified BBN contestant, Erica have been heavily criticised by Reno Omokri.

Reno Omokri who was a spokesperson for former President Goodluck Jonathan and well known for criticising the Buhari led administration said this on Monday.

Reno Omokri registered his displeasure over the amount of money raised by Nigerians for #BBNaija’s Erica in just five hours. According to him ” Fighting for Nigerians sometimes feels like fighting against menopause”.

Reno who calls himself “Buhari tormentor” made this known on his verified twitter handle. He asked “I should lead fuel protest? Did I lead you to raise $15,000 in 5 hours for #BBNaija’s Erica?”. Reno says he has tried for the nation, adding that he spent millions on #BusesForDemocracy” to help Nigerians vote after President Muhammadu Buhari and no one thanked him.

He also mentioned that Nigerians will rather protest if the person who organised the fundraising runs away than to protest if fuel price and electricity were further increased.

Do you think a protest would solve any of the problems facing Nigeria now and will you be available for a protest if one is organised?

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