Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great smartphone for its various features and durable hardware. The people who provide the guarantee for its reliability and user-friendly interface. However, they also say “sometimes my Galaxy S5 does not turn on and stay stuck on a black screen”. Samsung S5 does not turn on is not a rare problem and is faced by many of its users when their phones become unresponsive and will not open no matter how many times you press the power button. The phone tends to freeze.

Please note that all smartphones, no matter how expensive they are, do not suffer from some minor glitches and Samsung S5 do not want to turn on is one such error. There is no need to panic in such a situation as this issue can be resolved easily.

If you ever find yourself or anyone else in the same problem, remember the first thing you need to do is to study the problem carefully and then switch to its solutions.


  • Part 1: Reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not turn on

If you are wondering why my Samsung Galaxy S5 will not go away, here are some possible reasons for the problem:

In our daily lives, we are so busy that we forget to charge our devices on a timely basis as a result of where they get out. Samsung S5 does not deplete issues can also be a direct telephone outage running out of battery.

Also, if a software or update App update gets interrupted while downloading, your Samsung Galaxy S5 may start behaving abnormally.

Furthermore, there are many operations conducted through the S5’s software in the background that can cause such a glitch. Your Samsung S5 does not want to turn on until all such background functions are completed.

In some cases, your hardware may also be a cause of concern. When your device becomes too old, regular weariness can also be a cause of this problem.

However, you do not need to worry, you can fix this problem very easily by following the steps explained in the following segments.

  • Part 2: How to save data when Galaxy S5 does not want to turn it on
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Samsung S5 does not want the issue to require immediate attention, but before you begin troubleshooting the problem, it is advisable to save the data stored on the phone.

dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Extraction (Destructive Device) tool is a great software if you want to recover data securely from your Samsung Galaxy S5 that you do not want to turn on, either from the memory or SD Card of the phone. You can try it for free before purchasing this product not only helps save data from damaged, broken and non-responsive devices but also from devices facing a system crash or -locked or attacked by a virus.

Currently, this software supports some gadgets on Android, fortunately for us, it supports most Samsung devices and can recover contacts, messages, videos, audio files, photos, docs, call logs, WhatsApp and much more fully or selectively.

dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Extraction (Destructive Device)

1st World data recovery software for damaged Android devices.

It can also be used to recover data from damaged devices or devices that are corrupted in any other way as stuck in a reboot loop.

Maximum retrieval rate in the industry.

Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, and more.

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices.

Just follow the steps given below to use Android Data Extraction:

At first, download and run PC software and connect your Samsung S5. Once the main software screen opens, click on the “Data Extraction” option and continue.

Now, check the files you want to recover and alternatively, you can deselect those you do not want to extract.

Now, this is a very important step, here you should choose the condition of your Samsung Galaxy S5. There will be two options in front of you, namely, “Black / Broken screen” and “Touch does not work”. In this case, select “Black / broken screen” and move ahead.

Now just feed on the Model and other details of your Android carefully in the window as shown below and then press “Next”.


It is necessary to visit Odin Mode on your Galaxy S5 by pressing power, home and volume down buttons. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Once the Download Mode / Odin Mode screen will appear on your Android, wait for the software to detect it and its condition.

Now, finally, pick the data you want to take and press “Recover again”.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered data on your Samsung device.

  • Part 3: 4 Tips to fix Samsung S5 do not want to turn on

“My Samsung Galaxy S5 does not want to go!”. If you are bogged down by the same problem, here is what you can do:

  • #1. Charge your phone

It’s very common for your S5 battery to run out of charge because maybe you forgot to charge it at the time or apps and widgets on your device battery drained fast. So, follow the advice and place your Samsung Galaxy S5 in charge for about 10-20 minutes

Your S5 guarantees the appropriate charging sign as a battery with a flash should appear on the screen or the phone must light up.

Note: If the phone charges normally, turn it back in after a few minutes and see if it boots all the way to the Home Screen or Locked Screen.

  • #2. Re-insert the battery

Before moving on to advanced and troubleshooting solutions, try to remove the battery from your Samsung S5 and.

When the battery is out, press the power button for a while until the whole power drains out of the phone.

Then wait for a minute or two and insert the battery again.

Finally, turn on your Samsung S5 and see if it starts normally.

Now, if the tips do not help you worry no, there are two more things you can try.

  • #3. Start the phone in Safe Mode

Starting your S5 in Safe Mode is a great idea that it will enable all third-party and heavy Applications and ensures that your phone can still boot up. For Safe Mode,


First, long press the power button to see the Samsung Logo and then release the button.

Now, press the volume down button immediately and leave it once the phone starts.

You’ll now be able to view “Safe Mode” on the main screen.

Note: You can long press on the power button to show Safe Mode.

  • #4. Wipe the cache partition

Wiping cache partition is a good idea and should be done regularly. It cleans up your phone internally and makes it faster and better.

To start with, boot to Restore Mode by pressing power, home and volume up buttons. Then the power button goes off when the phone vibrates and leaves all the buttons when you see a list of options before you.

Now, simply scroll down to select “Wipe Partition Cache” and wait for the process to complete.

When this is done, reboot your S5 and see if it’s turned on properly.

  • Part 4: Guides to fix Samsung S5 do not want to turn on

Click on the link below and watch the video to learn a little more about how to fix Samsung S5 do not want to issue the issue.

The tips explained above are helpful to save your data from a Samsung S5 that does not want to turn on. Hopefully this article helps you to solve the issue better.

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Conclusion On Samsung S5 Will Not Turn On [Resolved]

So far so good, that is all we could offer you on Samsung S5 Will Not Turn On, and if you face any difficulties while implementing this guide, you may notify us via the comment section, or if you have successfully implement this guide, it is okay you share your experience with other readers so that they may learn from your guide.

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