How to Start a Pig Farming Business in Nigeria

Is raising pigs profitable as a home-based business? It would seem that the answer to this simple question is always positive. However, we can enjoy the successful start-up of a domestic pig farming business only when it is organized wisely, meaning that everything has been taken into account.

Starting a pig farming business is beneficial both on the farm and at home. It is profitable, despite the season and the financial situation in the country. Meat is an integral part of every person’s daily diet, an essential product for cooking.

Pig breeding is profitable on any scale and does not depend on the season.

If you find out how and where to start a business in pig farming and how to succeed, you can earn a good income. Pig trade will be successful if properly organized. It differs from other types of business in close contact with animals, which requires attention, care and constant monitoring of their health.

Advantages of pig farming include

  1. Gestation time:  Breeding in sows lasts up to 3 months and feeding 1 to 2 months.

2.Healthy pigs produce up to 10 piglets at a time and up to 30 per year. When it comes to fertility, it goes around cows and sheep.

3.During the week, the weight of the pig increases from 1.5 to 2.5 kg. Six months later, it is 100 kg for a well-balanced diet.

4. Meat yield after slaughter. The percentage of finished products is 73% and minimal loss compared to other animal species.

5. Pork to use in the country is popular. From it in an industrial way and at home I make a lot of goodies for which there is always a buyer;

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Starting a Pig Business farm

No matter how attractive the business is, just wanting to keep the pigs is not enough. It is necessary to think about the organization of the whole process and to consider the necessary components.

Organizing the farm

The main component of this business is the building where the pigs live. To do this, you can buy or rent an abandoned pig farm, and communications and advance arrangements will be included in the price. In the second case, you can build a stable with your own hands or with the help of hired force.
During construction, you need to consider many points: the building must be insulated, protected from dampness and draft, while fully ventilated. Contrary to stereotypes about pigs, these animals are clean, they require special care and comfortable conditions.

Equipment for pig farms

Breeding a pig for sale is significantly different from breeding a house for meat for your table. In such a business, it is important to make sure your product is of the best quality and tastes good.

Therefore, pig farms use equipment that significantly reduces labor costs and improves livestock living conditions. So, for a pig farm you will need the following equipment:

For water and feed
Plumbing Heating

Mandatory staff for pig farms

Veterinarians: When raising pigs for sale, don’t forget about their health. Healthy pigs carry good offspring, and their meat is valued higher. Moreover, some diseases make the disease inaccessible, and the sick pig may be the source of an epidemic. In turn, it makes a huge loss for you. Therefore, when drawing up a business plan for raising pigs, don’t forget about the veterinarian.

Finally, to get good pigs, they devote a great deal of time, attention, and care to the pigs. Therefore, in one case, one should not look for economic methods and methods. The more you invest in pork farming, the more you will return.


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