Steps To Designing A Successful Business Website

In Today’s world of business, the need for a business website can never be outplayed. Fortunately, many small businesses and Medium Enterprise owners are now adapting to the online market tradition as they now see the vast positive potential of creating an online presence.
However, for the purpose of being online, many business owners go about website designing wrongly. For most business websites, the focus is laid on graphics and not on information. Successful websites have fewer graphics and more content. Customers view a website matter and research reveals that most people view the web as a library not a source of entertainment and therefore hate being kept waiting. Unfortunately, websites that concentrate on graphics than content tends to be slow.
For the purpose of this writing, we will outline and show practical steps to designing a business website effectively.

What is Website Designing?

Let’s first understand the term so we can understand how to design effectively:
– Website design can be likened to information designing, in that it’s about the organization of content in a way that guarantees easy location and reading. It is a form of publishing and it presents contents in a way that will attract visitors.

Getting Started

As early stated a website should focus less on graphics and more on content, in summary, a good and effective website design should be:

1. Clean, simple, and be of standardized design ensuring the easy location of desired content by visitors.
2. Good page layout with readable fonts that will allow people to read the contents easily.
3. Avoid unnecessary and fancy graphics.

Many small business owners still don’t understand the goal or aim their website is intended to achieve. Your website is a publishing medium. It’s a publication- a publication about your services. Your customers and visitors visit your website in search of information and they read it. Making the content easy to find and read is really necessary. Poor layout, small fonts, and elaborate color schemes are relatively common among most websites and generally, it keeps visitors away. For effective website design, think of your website visitors as readers for only then the function of a website designing will become clearer.

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Making It Happen

There are basically two measures to take to design a website effectively and they are:

1. design for the reader
2. Make sure the content is well written.

Designing For Visitors

Most business websites based on the company’s needs and rather than what the visitors need. Very few websites online today are designed for the need of visitors.

To effectively design a good website, remember that the people who visit your website are:
– there to find a piece of information
– most often will scan, read contents moving quickly from one piece to another
– They are generally in a hurry and wouldn’t appreciate your website taking ages to load.
– Due to past experience with other sites, they are often skeptical.

Making Sure the Content is Well Written

When writing for your website write with the interest of your website in Mind and:-

Keep it factual, punctuated, with a very descriptive header, and with a summary.
Be concise( keep it short) Keep words between 500 and 700, Paragraph between 40 and 60 words and sentences should also be short and not more than 9 to 12 words per line.

Finally, for making the content attractive – keep it updated. Out of date contents can actually do more harm than Good.
So true are the advantages of having an online presence (website) but the wrong design can either get you some of this advantage or not one. So in Designing a good business website follow the outlined process above.


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